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Nov 12, 2013 10:51 AM

Whole Belly Clams [Westchester]

Just love fried whole belly clams, almost impossible to get outside of Mass or RI. Anyone know of a place in Westchester that prepares these? (No clam strips, please!)

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  1. Gus's on Halstead Ave. in Harrison does have fried clams on the menu. However, it doesn't specify if it's whole belly or strips, but it might be worth a call

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      Looks like they are whole belly as of this article from April 2012.

    2. Ok Thanks. Anyone been to Gus's?

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        Yes, the food is prepared very well, but most dishes are fairly uncomplicated and showcase the freshness of the fish. And, I love their coleslaw.The restaurant is always packed. Their fish market next door is one of the few places where I buy fish--the quality is wonderful.

      2. Havent been but the word is- great Martinis and great fried shrimp!
        Sounds like a visit is in order.

        1. If you're in N. Westchester and not opposed to driving up to FFC, in Stamford, Royal Guard Fish and Chios has whole belly clam platters. It's a very oily eat-in or take out kind of place, really generous portions of fish and chips.

          Also Crabshell Restaurant has whole belly platters. It's my favorite after work spot in the summer.

          SoNo Seafood also serves whole belly platters. It's also a greasy place but I love it in the summer since its right on the Norwalk River. The deck has picnic table seating.

          In Westport, there's Westfair Fish & Chips that serve whole bellies. If you've never been to NYC's Shake Shack, there's one close by! Mansion Clams in Westport has them. I've only been once but I think thy close in the winter. I could be wrong though.

          There has to be a place in Westchester that sells whole belly clams. If you know of a good quality fish and chips joint, you'll find them there.

          Actually, all those honky tonk restaurants on that main drag on City Island in the Bronx must sell whole bellies. The very first restaurant on the right hand side that has the boat launch must sell them (can't remember the name). In the summer they have those bargain lobster dinners, so old school but so good. At the very end of the street there's a totally ghetto fried seafood place that this website actually featured in one of its videos! They def. sell strips but I don't recall if they sell whole bellies. The quality is frozen though, not market fresh, but at least you don't pay those prices.

          1. Love Gus's. Haven't had clams, but I've had most everything else on the menu. Highest quality seafood coming straight from fish shop next door, simply prepared. A real treasure. Not fancy like Eastchester Fish (which is excellent too, but that's a white tablecloth type of restaurant.

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                Gus's Franklin Park Restaurant at 126 Halstead Ave. in Harrison. It's basically an old fashioned bar with booths and tables that serves very good fish and seafood.