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Nov 12, 2013 10:50 AM


I came across a receipe calling for a "bunch" of chives. How much is this? How much is a bunch of chard? Parsley? etc? I grow my own. Does anyone know?



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  1. I think that's one of those things like "season to taste". That is, a bunch will be however much you want.

    1. They mean the typical bunch sold in a produce section of the grocery store, which of course varies widely. Sometimes recipes call for a specific measure of the chopped herb, which I like better.

      Sorry...not very helpful, was I?

      Put in how much you want to. EDIT: That sounds snarky - didn't mean it that way! Seriously, put in the amount you'd like to eat in the dish...

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        I agree, just to taste. A bunch of parsley these days is like a bouquet of flowers. I wouldn't want that much in any dish.

      2. A bunch of chard is whatever the supermarket quantity is.

        A bunch of chives is what I cut from the garden - about the thickness of my little finger.

        1. First goofy thought was to say "bunch" of chive must mean A LOT!?! I like chives (all onion relatives for that matter), so would probably go havy with them.

          1. Depends on the number of servings and how chivey or chardy you want the dish to be.