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Nov 12, 2013 10:46 AM

Dinner recipes with smoked salmon?

Needing inspiration for dinner tonight. We have an opened package of smoked salmon that I am thinking of using doing this.

Any good ideas? I know pasta is always an option...but trying to think beyond that. Salmon Croquettes,? (Never done with smoked salmon). Other? TIA!

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  1. latkes topped with smoked salmon and sour cream

    pasta (as you mentioned) with salmon and dill

    hard boiled eggs, chopped up with salmon and spread on soft white bread or challah

    bilinis with salmon

      1. Smoked salmon cakes. Googled it and found lots of variations!

          1. Smoked salmon risotto. Make a standard risotto.When cooked stir in the smoked salmon, some creme fresh and dill. Cover an let it sit for 2 mins.