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May 26, 2005 12:43 PM

Austin: Satay -- Am I Missing Something?

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So it was Wednesday lunch -- an obvious kitchen B team time -- but is dinner really better?

Not a chili in any of our dishes could be found (though bland powdered versions permeated) and veggies tasted of the boil-a-bag....

Is there a thai menu there or is it just more of the same Americanized oversauced sweet glop on the dinner menu too?

Hard to believe in a city where Thai is one of the better ethnic options out there, this place continues to get raves.....granted this is based on the one experience.....any reason to go back?


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  1. I went a couple of times and wasn't at all impressed either - both times for dinner.

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    1. re: amysuehere

      I feel exactly the same way. Although I did take a Foo Swadsie cooking class (she owns it) and it was excellent. Satay is supposed to be Asian in general (Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.) I believe. Satay has been around for a while - their clientele may like the watered down version (a la Suzi's).

      1. re: rudeboy

        I agree on both Satay and Suzi's. The food isn't actually bad, but it's boring. Gringo joints.


        1. re: Jim Washburn

          Try the new Le Soleil on Lamar (north of 183). Pretty amazing in my book.

          1. re: AustinJohn

            The last time I ate at Satay I was overcharged for a boring, bland eggplant dish. When I pointed out the mistake they said I was wrong, so I asked for the menu. When I showed them the correct price on the menu the manager came over to say that this night they were using "rare" oriental eggplant and therefor had to charge more. No adjustment was offered.

            As to Suzi's China Grill, I always order the twice-cooked noodles, and am always happy. It is tasty, generous, cheap ($8.95), fresh, delightful. Domestic Partner likes the fact that all the meat dishes can be odered with tofu substituted. The service is friendly, too.

            1. re: AustinJohn

              Thanks for the tip. I hope to try it next time I'm in town. The link is to Mick Vann's review in the 13 May issue of The Austin Chronicle.



          2. re: rudeboy

            Satay is not Philippine cannot make Filipino under 3 hours. If they can, you are not eating Filipino food. You're eating American food.

            1. re: rico

              Ok - maybe I'm wrong on the Philippines. Are there any Filipino restaurants in Austin?

        2. trust me, no such thing as authentic Thai food in this town.

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          1. re: rico

            OK, I'll call you on that one. I would consider Madam Mam's to be authentic.