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Polar Seltzer Limited (Winter) Edition

Just came back from Stop and Shop in Newton and found the limited winter edition Polar seltzers. I saw Toasted Coconut Creme, Fudge Cheesecake and Mint Chocolate. Anyone see the flavors Strawberry Champagne or Butter Rum?

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  1. I've seen all of them at most grocery stores and even CVS.

    Specifically, I was at the CVS in Davis Square last week and saw the strawberry one, among other flavors.

    1. Yeah, the Star Market at Packards Corner has both the Strawberry Champagne and Butter Rum in stock.

      1. Yes have seen all of those except toasted coconut crème at Milton Market.

        I just finished a bottle of mint chocolate a minute ago. Odd but sort of good.

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        1. re: C. Hamster

          I've tried all the holiday flavors except the strawberry one and "odd but sort of good" --with varying degrees of good--describes them all.

        2. I went to the Polar site to see the seasonal flavors, inspired by this thread(and we drink a lot of Polar seltzer).

          Here is the selection:

          Sorry Egg Nog and Candy Cane won't be making an appearance this year, will have to check out the others.

          1. Ocean State Job Lot always seems to have a great selection of Polar.

            1. I enjoy the Strawberry Champagne one. Non fruit flavored seltzers are a little weird to me.

              All of these have been at market basket.

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              1. re: LStaff

                Generally, I like the fruit flavored ones as well, but I always try to give the others a shot before discounting them in my seltzer rotation. I did like Candy Cane from last year though.....

                Thanks for all the great tips on where to find the different flavors!! I definitely would like to try the Strawberry Champagne.

                1. re: Crazy Egg

                  The strawberry champagne is fragrant and delightful.

                  1. re: Prav

                    I've been drinking strawberry champagne for a few weeks now. I didn't know it was a special flavor . It's good!

              2. Does anyone know what kind of voodoo chemical magic the Polar people possess, because no other seltzers taste like theirs and frankly it worries me.

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                1. re: Bob Dobalina

                  Seriously...does anyone know the story? 0 calories and to me the best tasting flavors, so vivid - only seltzer I like. But you would think other major brands would be as good or commandeer the chemical tech. So how do they do it? Any insight is appreciated.

                  1. re: Bob Dobalina


                    this is probably the best known of all the flavor technology companies, based out of nj. am quite sure polar has some sort of proprietary deal with them or somebody similar.

                    1. re: Bob Dobalina

                      The New Yorker had a long 2009 article about Givaudan, one of the world's premier flavoring development companies.
                      http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/20... Outfits like this have "libraries" of flavors and can synthesize artificial flavorings that taste remarkably authentic, often out of odd ingredients we'd rather not know about. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8200... http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8242...

                      1. re: greygarious

                        I looked at the ingredient list for the champagne strawberry and it listed only natural flavors.

                        Not sure about the other varieties

                        1. re: C. Hamster

                          They have been using all natural flavors in all of their seltzers; I haven't checked the new seasonal ones, but I doubt that's changed this year.

                          1. re: Boston_Otter

                            "The exact definition of natural flavorings & flavors from Title 21, Section 101, part 22 of the Code of Federal Regulations is as follows:

                            "The term natural flavor or natural flavoring means the essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or fermentation products thereof, whose significant function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional."

                            In other words, natural flavors can be pretty much anything approved for use in food."


                          2. re: C. Hamster

                            As the links I supplied clarify, "natural flavors" go way, WAY
                            beyond what anyone outside of the industry would conceivably expect.

                    2. I haven't been able to find Strawberry Champagne in the last few weeks, which is too bad because it was one of my favorite flavors. They had it at Shaw's in East Cambridge before.

                      1. Market Basket Somerville had Strawberry Champagne recently. Does anyone else scratch their head about why that would be a winter flavor? To me, it reeks of summer. And I do mean reek.

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                        1. re: Parsnipity

                          I think they're thinking New Year's Eve.

                          1. re: Parsnipity

                            I filled a cup with that stuff that I left in my car overnight. I couldn't tell if it smelled like rotting fruit or new car smell.

                            I'm guessing its just berry and green apple flavoring mixed together. I would love to see the process of how they come up with flavor combinations to make something other than the original extract flavorings.

                          2. They unfortunately had them at the Stop and Shop on Route 9 in Natick, because that led to the carbonated atrocity that is "Fudge Cheesecake" seltzer poisoning my kitchen with its presence. My son seems to like nasty novelty foods (like clam chowder ice ream) but even he had to pour that stuff out. Some things have no business being formatted as seltzer. What's next, Tobacco and Coffee Breath flavor? Strawberry Champagne was good, though.

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                            1. re: nsenada

                              "like clam chowder ice cream"


                              that's a thing?

                              most of these winter flavors are based on foods i don't ever eat, so i have no desire to drink them.

                              i miss the ginger lemon from summer though.

                              1. re: hotoynoodle

                                Many years ago (and possibly since) Christina's had clam chowder ice cream on their board. I thought it was a joke, but they actually did have it, as a (brief) summer novelty flavor. I tried a taste and it was just as horrible as it sounds.

                                1. re: Stride

                                  each of those foods make me throw up a little in my mouth. combined? i'd run screaming through the streets fearing the end of times.

                              2. re: nsenada

                                I was oddly fascinated by the fudge cheesecake one. I didn't like it, per say... but two of us drank the whole bottle anyway, all the while commenting on how it did really taste like fudge and cheesecake....and seltzer.

                                1. re: LeoLioness

                                  as a brooklyn kid, i did drink egg creams...

                                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                                    This is like an egg cream if egg creams also had cream cheese in them. It's bizarre.

                              3. egg, just want to th you for this thread. i would never have known about this product line otherwise. I drink iced tea (many kinds, but almost all caffeinated) year round but have been wanting to cut caffeine. Woburn MB had the Fudge Cheesecake (marketing baloney; it's really just Chocolate)
                                but not the Stwb Champgne, and it was a fun diversion tonight! It actually tastes just like chocolate, not fake (my concern about some of the other flavors.) I just hope it may also actually serve to SATisfy choc cravings rather than inspire them!

                                1. They had them all prominently displayed at Stop and Shop yesterday.

                                  Now I will have to try the coconut, butter rum and fudge cheesecake ... Just to say I did.

                                  1. Slightly off subject but for others who make their own seltzer, I flavor mine with bitters.

                                    Right now my favorite combo is a tiny slice of local young ginger from Old Friends Farm, and a splash of Brooklyn Hemispheric Bitters Sriracha flavor. I found that along with Rhubarb and Mission Fig bitters at South End Formaggio.

                                    I'm on the hunt for ginger bitters if anyone spots a good one.


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                                    1. re: BostonZest

                                      Have you tried the Boston Shaker in Davis? They have a pretty wide selection of bitters.

                                      1. re: Parsnipity

                                        Thanks Parsnipity, It is on my list of places to try.

                                        1. re: BostonZest

                                          i had a bourbon drink recently that contained chocolate bitters. wonderful.

                                          1. re: BostonZest

                                            Their selection is terrific, and they have a little tasting bar (with small cups of water) to let you sample any of the bitters before buying.

                                      2. just tried the champagne strawberry today and it's my new winter favorite. lowell m/b.

                                        1. egg, Today My Love brought back Poland flavors of Tri Berry, Cranberry Lime, Orange Vanilla, Apple, and Stwb Champagne. Am i right that, except for the Stwb Champ, Holiday flavor, those other flavors have been around awhile? Like others here, I liked, enough to buy again, the StwbChamp, and the Fudge Chsecake. But the others I mentioned were pretty awful. Partic the 'crnb lime' which tastes like fake cherry to me.

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                                          1. re: opinionatedchef

                                            Yes, only the Strawberry Champagne is a limited edition. The others have been around for a while. I enjoy the Granny Smith Apple and the Orange Vanilla that you mentioned. I also find that I am sometimes in the mood for their Pomegranate and Mandarin. Besides Polar, I also like the Italian Sparkling Mineral Water from Whole Foods, but these have more limited flavors. Maybe the WF ones will be more to your taste? I just don't go to WF often enough for those to be in my regular rotation.

                                          2. Orange Vanilla, Pear Vanilla, and Granny Smith Apple are on permanent rotation in my fridge.

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                                            1. re: Boston_Otter

                                              star market in Cambridge had all the flavors today( some are on " end cap displays"--- $1.00----- pear vanilla/ strawberry champange/ and fudge cheesecake were rated highly for our lunch today

                                              1. re: kewpie

                                                Oh awesome, I checked a few days ago and the beverage manager grunted something like "check back closer to da holidays for da holiday flavahs, bud."

                                                1. re: Boston_Otter


                                                  They have been out for weeks.

                                                  Da beverage managah is prolly lazy.

                                                2. re: kewpie

                                                  star market ( cambridge) mt auburn- end cap between the dairy& chips aisle--

                                                3. re: Boston_Otter

                                                  I like the apple and the grapefruit flavors

                                                4. I found coconut crème the other day.

                                                  I opened it up and WHEW! WHAT A STENCH!

                                                  Since I had vowed to try them all, I went against my better judgment and drank some. It was repulsive. Although it was water it seemed almost oily.

                                                  I burped it up for the rest of the day.

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                                                  1. re: C. Hamster

                                                    sounds delicious! I have a bottle waiting in the kitchen. We bought 3-4 of them at market basket last weekend. So far we have only tried the Chocolate Fudge which we both found disgusting and couldn't make it past a few sips.

                                                  2. I actually enjoyed the Fudge Cheesecake for what it was -- it's a more convincing chocolate than the Chocolate Mint somehow.

                                                    As others have said, the Champagne Strawberry is the real winner this year. It seems to be selling very fast, if the shelves at my local Star Market are any indication.

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                                                    1. re: Boston_Otter

                                                      hmm ours just says "chocolate fudge" so maybe we have a different one.. Have not opened the others yet

                                                      1. re: hargau

                                                        I think that's part of their regular line, possibly. The holiday flavors this year are:
                                                        - Fudge Cheesecake
                                                        - Butter Rum
                                                        - Mint Chocolate
                                                        - Toasted Coconut
                                                        - Champagne Strawberry

                                                        1. re: Boston_Otter

                                                          ok just checked.. i was mistaken. We do have the fudge cheesecake, didnt like it..
                                                          Also have the toasted coconut, cham straw and butter rum but have not opened them yet

                                                          1. re: hargau

                                                            I liked the strawberry.

                                                            The fudge cheesecake, chocolate mint and butter rum were odd, but I finished the bottles.

                                                            The coconut was ghastly. Id try that one last, if at all.

                                                            1. re: hargau

                                                              HA! read this as "clam straw" and got grossed out for a sec.

                                                      2. picked up a couple bottles of strawberry champagne today while the polar guy was stocking the shelves. next week will be the last delivery of the special winter flavors and they will be
                                                        on sale at market basket.

                                                        stock up!

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                                                        1. re: hotoynoodle

                                                          going to go scoop up my favs today