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Nov 12, 2013 08:32 AM

Florida State fans staying in Redondo beach

Feeling pretty confident my Noles are going to be in Pasadena come January 6th - so starting to plan my visit. Just my wife and I and two other friends are making the trip - no children for this trip. We plan to get out there Friday, January 3rd and spend the weekend doing things along the beach and into other areas of LA.

Demographics: we are all late 30s/early 40s - adventurous about food but don't want to miss the classic "must do's" that your city undoubtedly has too many to list. Money is not a problem - but we aren't there to get too fancy (we are traveling as football fans, etc....).

It would we great to get some local input on dining/drinking ideas. Also - we are not real interested in seeing the iconic touristy things or celebrity sightings. Just real places where the locals go or simply places that are can't miss when you travel that far from home.

Thanks for any suggestions - and we are excited to come to your city.


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  1. MB Post is the best restaurant in the area. Wonderful farm to table small plates. One of LA's best chef's and restaurants in a casual setting just a block from the Manhattan Beach Pier.

    1. Thanks - their menu looked really good. That is very close to where we are staying too.

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        ...also very good in Manhattan Beach is Petro's. Upscale Greek food with great homemade desserts and a nice patio.

        Fishing With Dynamite (tiny seafood shack with a great raw bar),

        Houston's in Manhattan Beach

        for casual I really like North End Cafe.

        and for breakfast:
        Uncle Bill's in Manhattan Beach
        Martha's 22nd St Grill in Hermosa Beach
        and The Original Pancake House in Redondo

        Many other very good restaurant a little farther away in the Venice Beach and Santa Monica area.

        Welcome to LA!

      2. we enjoyed izaykaya bincho based on recs here -- lots of interesting japanese appetizer kind of items and nice sake/beer.

        1. Maybe this place for breakfast.

          since you're already counting your chickens before the eggs hatch.

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            Ha - nice. My wife keeps telling me that too - but there isn't much left to stop FSU this year.

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              I thought the same until ucla upset USC 13-9 in 2006. Good luck!

          2. Try drinking and eating at the LA branch of Father's Office on Helms Ave. just adjacent to Culver City. Great beer selection and a full liquor license too. Don't get stuck ordering ONLY their burger with sweet potato fries (rightly renowned) but try some of their other offerings like the pork belly with slaw and the Spanish Mushrooms.

            You must be 21 or over and they don't do ANY substitutions or offer ketchup for the burgers.