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Nov 12, 2013 07:47 AM

Ashee Ethiopian in Cary, NC?

Anybody been? How was it? Dinner recomendations?

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  1. We went for an early dinner a few weeks ago. We ordered a vegetarian sampler plate and a meat sampler (chicken, beef and goat). All the food was tasty and comparable to what we have had elsewhere (DC, VA, Chicago, Chapel Hill and Durham). Plenty of injera to go with the veggies and meats. Excellent, attentive and friendly, service - and they were quite busy by the middle of our meal.

    Certainly just as good as Queen of Sheba in Chapel Hill and much more reasonably priced.

    We sure do miss the Blue Nile in Durham. We loved going there.

    1. We've eaten there for dinner three or four times on coupons (they've been offering Groupon/Living Social type deals quite frequently over the past year). Our overall impression has been that it's kind of hit or miss but with a coupon, it's certainly worth trying.

      We were very happy ordering two meat samplers and the vegetarian sampler together as it provided more than enough food for two people to share (you get no vegetables if you order the meat sampler alone, and we like leftovers anyway). Unfortunately, on one visit we made the mistake of ordering individual meat dishes (doro wat, specifically) instead of the samplers and were left terribly dissatisfied as the portion was miniscule! As the sampler is something like 3-4 little dishes plopped out onto the injera along side salad and yogurt cheese, the individual order of doro wat was only one little sampler-sized dish plopped next to salad and yogurt cheese. We each got one smallish chicken drumstick and some sauce per order.Certainly not worth whatever it was they charged!

      The disappointment only came from the non-sampler value as the food has always been consistently delicious and good enough to satisfy our cravings for Ethiopian food.

      The only other issue I should point out is that they do not appear to have/use air conditioning which is clearly not an issue in November however this is a different story in the summer. They choose to utilize portable fans which is slightly unorthodox (we experienced this on two visits). Make of that as you will.

      I believe there's another Ethiopian restaurant in Raleigh near NC State which is slightly more expensive but I believe that will be our next stop when we crave some Ethiopian so that we can compare them. We ate at Queen of Sheba in Chapel Hill a few years back and enjoyed it but I honestly think we liked Ashee a little better.

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        I'm not a fan of the place near NC state. I've tried it 6 times. Service is pretty much nonexistent. The dishes lack the layered flavors I've had elsewhere - they are just hot and each is indistinguishable from the next. Not worth the time, money or calories imo.

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          Very interesting! Thank you for saving us a trip.