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Nov 12, 2013 07:37 AM

Grace Gardens outing this Friday evening? RSVP

Organizing another Grace Garden trip this Friday evening if there is the interest, but need ro know soon so I can book dishes. Focussing this time on dishes that Chef Li rarely cooks, and for a change, some beef dishes. Here are items (# depends on number of people coming). How is 6:30?
Sichuan Pickled Napa Fish
Sichuan Braised Beef
Sichuan Home-Style Beef Tendon
Sichuan Triple Treasures
Braised Tofu, Pang-Ka Style
Sichuan Dan-Dan noodles
Steamed Whole Chicken, Hong Kong Style
Pork Rib with Lemongrass
Fish Noodles
Mei's vegetable of the day
As you can see, a fairly spicy array.
Who's up? Email me today or early tomorrow at

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  1. CS, looks like a great meal but regrettably I will be out of town. Hope you and others enjoy.