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Nov 12, 2013 07:08 AM

Looking for place to host 50th birthday party for 30-35 people

We are planning a party for a 50th birthday party the week between Christmas and New Years in San Francisco. Looking for a hip, trendy restaurant in Mission District. Preferably Farm to table, Italian, Wine bar, type food.

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  1. Sadly, most places that can accommodate that size of a group during that time period will have been booked months in advance by corporations for their holiday parties.

    If you have no price limit, you *might* be able to do a full buy-out of a smaller establishment like Per Diem - or call them about their upstairs which could work really well (expensive). Another potential would be Thirsty Bear's upstairs which might be the right size, although you might not want pool tables.

      1. Are you willing to buy out the whole place? (e.g. $7500++)? You may want to try Limon Rotisserie on the cheap end or El Techo de Lolinda.

        You could also talk to something like Locanda - but I imagine there the buyout would be more like $15000 ++ (could be wrong though - worth a shot).

        Not in the mission - but Quince and Cotogna are pretty accommodating to private parties but you'd probably blow through the budget.

        1. Not sure about trendy but Heirloom Cafe might fit the bill