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Nov 12, 2013 06:53 AM

Good restaurants in the Leather District?

Having recently moved to the leather district (near Chinatown) we're wondering about good, non-chain restaurants. Can you tell us if you have any favorites? Also, which take-out Chinese places do you like? Thank you!

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  1. O Ya- high end sushi, a wallet emptier, but worth doing at least once if you can swing it,
    Les Zygomates, bistrot-y french. much more reasonable prices
    Don't live in the area, so can't comment on take out chinese.

    1. I should have also mentioned that we're especially looking for casual places, delis, take-out, pizza, bars with pub food. Anything like that?

      1. A few casual places nearby that I like: Pita Downtown, a Middle Eastern sandwich/salad place with North African influences; Al's South Street Cafe, a quality sub shop; Pita Kabob, a Persian salad/sandwich shop (great kofte).

        Bars with pub food of meh to okay quality include Corner Pub of Chinatown, J.J. Foley's Bar & Grill, and Jacob Wirth. Better (if still not extraordinary) food at Lucky's in the nearby Fort Point neighborhood.

        I'm not a fan of most of the pizza around there. A new place called Crush Pizza in the Fi-Di looks promising, but I haven't tried it yet.

        Chinatown would be where I'd spend the bulk of my dining dollars if I lived that close. (I don't live that close, and spend a lot of time there anyway.) A few places I like, most of which will be useful for takeout: Best Little Restaurant (Cantonese), New Shanghai (which actually does Shandong and Sichuan cuisine), Shojo (upscale pan-Asian, good cocktails), Bubor Cha Cha and Windsor Cafe (dim sum), Vinh-Sun and Hong Kong Eatery (Cantonese and "BBQ" roast meats), Dumpling Cafe and Taiwan Cafe (Taiwanese), Mei Sum Bakery and 163 (banh mi), Suishaya (Korean), Xinh Xinh (Vietnamese), Peach Farm and Jade Garden (Hong Kong style live-tank seafood), China King (Shandong cuisine, notably a fine three-course Peking duck, order 24 hours ahead), Q Restaurant and Kaze (Chinese hotpot), Pho Hoa and Pho Pasteur (pho and more).

        For markets, you've got C-Mart, Truong Thanh (package store), and the just-opened Jia Ho Supermarket.

        You're a short walk from Fort Point, which has some worthy if not-cheap eateries like Sportello, Tavern Road, and Blue Dragon. More on the way to that neighborhood soon.

        1. I'd also add Figaro's for breakfast/lunch during the week. Really interesting takes on sandwiches, as well as soups, salads and gelato. IMO a step up from Al's in quality (and price for that matter).

          I'll second Les Zygomates.

          Sorriso is also decent for Italian.

          I'll also add JM Curley to the list of recs. Not in the Leather Distric, but only a 5 or 10 minute walk. Upscale bar food. Solid cocktails. Good beer list. For that matter, Stoddard's across the street also has a solid beer list.

          1. JJ Foley's smells like stale beer and b.o. The back room is also kept at roughly 102 degrees for some reason. Stay away. If JJ's is in the Leather District, then skip it and go to Kingston Station right next door instead. Solid bartending, solid French Bistro food. Les Zyg & Sorriso are both good for what they are. I've only been to O Ya once - nice for a fancy night out.

            Chinatown is still where I'd go most of the time though. DJ Slim Shady hits most of good places in his post above.