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Nov 11, 2013 10:42 PM

Bellingham - BBQ recs ?

Going down to Seattle for some business on Wednesday. Expect to pass thru B'ham enroute home around lunch time. Thinking of eating BBQ. Any good ol' fashioned BBQ pit joints (briskets, ribs, pulled pork, Southern fixin's) worthy of checking out ? Of course I'll be hitting up Trader Joe's like any good Canadian should, so I don't really want to stray too far from the downtown vicinity.

I see this new Green Frog on State (just down from Pepper Sisters) ..... must be new since I've never seen/heard of 'em. Looks promising.

Coconut Kenny's seem to be sandwich-oriented for BBQ stuff. So I'll pass.

Bare Bones on Hannegan ..... anyone been ?


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  1. Ooops, I didn't realize Bare Bones is a food truck:

    Meats look really good ! .... but unless they offer warm and covered seating, it won't fly during our rainy months :-/

    1. Dang, Green Frog opens at 4pm

      1. You know I can't help with BBQ recs, but Green Frog is more bar/music venue than restaurant, and grilled cheese is kind of their thing. There used to be a place on Meridian in the Fountain District, Memphis BBQ or something like that. They always had someone in a pig costume on the sidewalk with signs that basically said, "I'm tasty." Somehow that message wasn't resonating with us. ;)

        Good luck with your search!

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        1. re: laurachow

          Thx anyway LC :-) Well the lunch ended tragically when I got back to Bham and TJ's around 1:30pm and was famished. Despite my better judgement of going to say Coconut Kenny's or even The Market's hot deli (which makes awesome pulled pork btw) over on Lakeway, I just parked my car on James right outside of TJ's and went across the street to that diner place. Shoulda heeded the neg vibes I got when I walked in and saw the place (and the clientèle) felt more like a hospital cafeteria. But I stuck it out anyway and ordered a fried chicken special. It came with a small bowl of veg. barley soup that must have kicked up my daily sodium intake well past recommended level. The chicken ? ..... one drumstick that seemed the size of my thumb (and likely less meaty). And the thigh ..... may have came from a cornish game hen. And a whack of Sysco fries to round out the plate and that's $8 down the drain.

          Prior to the diner, I tried but somehow couldn't recall the name of Dashi Noodle House and since my phone was acting weird it wasn't able to pick up the data network for some reason, nor did I see Dashi listed in the restaurants list in my GPS. Oh well better luck next time.

          1. re: LotusRapper

            Gah, sounds awful! I think I know the diner you're referring to. Never been in there, probably never will now.

        2. Argh. I think I missed your time parameters. Still, I just revisited Jeckyl and Hyde BBQ and Deli almost exactly across the street from Trader Joe's (on Kentucky.)

          Let me be the first to say that you won't be gettin' some Georgia BBQ here. For Bellingham though, it's by far the best in town. The chicken, smoked for about ten hours, is served naked so that you can mix and match their homemade sauces. They serve pork (of course) brisket and fantastic pastrami.

          Shout-out to their sides: wasabi cole slaw could have more heat, but the flavors are lovely. Beans with jalapeno and bacon are very good and the best potato salad in the city.

          Their food is consistent, but the management has changed. Call rather than follow their website (in progress.) (360) 656-5303.

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          1. re: Nightsinge

            Thanks Nightsinge. I recall reading some inconsistent reviews and a relatively low rating of them on Urbanspoon:


            ... so I didn't keep them on my radar scope. But good for future reference.

            1. re: Nightsinge

              The beans are straight out of a can. They told me. Sigh. Meat is pretty good, but the sides are all meh in my experience. The potato salad I had last week was full of undercooked potatoes and was very bland. I wish they'd just pick a couple things and do them well - and NOT use disposable plates and cutlery.

            2. I'm happy to report that this past week we spent in Bham, we finally made it to Bare Bones BBQ (food truck) which is now at Allied Digital Imaging's parking lot most of the time:


              Kelly now runs the show all by himself and is busting his chops. Drop by and get yourself a $9 platter of succulent ribs, they were awesome.

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              1. re: LotusRapper

                Bare Bones Bar B Q:


                Meat just fell right off the bones. Melts in mouth tender. Good (to me) balance of lean & fat bits. Dry-rubbed, not over-seasoned, in fact I'd prefer slight stronger seasoning. BBQ sauce on side helps to add flavor. Slaw is crunchy and only slight vinegary, again to my palate it could use more seasoning. But overall very decent cheap street eats ($9 for three ribs with a big mound of slaw).

                Sorry the pics are poor, and the coleslaw is not seen in the pic (under paper wrap). It'd be nice if one day Kelly rounds out the menu with some cornbread and beans :-)

                1. re: LotusRapper

                  That link doesn't go where it oughta go...