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Nov 11, 2013 10:32 PM

Anti Thanksgiving Foodists

OK, admit it, you never really liked turkey. Never been so fond of cranberry sauce. Could live you whole life without stuffing (well, unless it has shitake mushrooms in it). I've never really, truly liked Thanksgiving foods and this year I think I'm going to do something completely anarchist - a special menu and pairing, but no pumpkins anywhere to be seen. Am I the only one? For those of you who agree, what do you make on Tday?

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  1. I totally agree. Turkey, I could take it or leave it. Mashed potatoes, same thing. Stuffing...cannot eat it. Yams or sweet potatoes, no interest at all. Pumpkin pie and my mom's homemade crescent rolls were the only thing I ever looked forward to.

    As I am the sole person who feels this way in my family (even my vegetarian husband has things he loves about the Thanksgiving meal), I do the big dinner every year. It's more of a family day to me than an eating day. And I can eat snacks before and have two pieces of pie if I wish, knowing I am calories ahead of most everyone else.

    1. i'm beyond agreement with you.
      i've hated the thanksgiving meal ever since i can remember.
      (bland poultry and lots of carbs that have soaked up untold amounts of grease)

      i've decided to extend "jewish christmas" to include Thanksgiving also.

      at this point my plan is to go to a chinese restaurant.

      i will miss the part about everyone sitting together and hanging out together for the day, though.

      i may end up getting chinese take out so i can have both a good meal AND the pleasure of spending the day hanging around with folks that i love.

      1. I love turkey with all my usual trimmings but a couple of years ago I overdosed on turkey. I consequently announced that the next Thanksgiving dinner I would start a new tradition, Thanksgiving steak and baked potato dinner. It was a hit! Last year I caved and had turkey but this year I'm really craving one of my very favorite meals--sloppy Joe sandwiches, French fries, and cole slaw.

        1. Stopped turkey a while ago.

          These days the popular requests are:

          1. Bone in breast of veal
          2. Lamb shoulder
          3. Pork belly with ribs attached.

          All so much more tender, juicier, and more flavorful than turkey. And you can still keep the sides for the sake of tradition.

          1. i've done hot pot. a lot less work, easier to accommodate vegetarians (with tofu and meatier mushrooms), much easier clean up afterwards.

            or i'll just make a ham or prime rib instead. ain't no thing to me.