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Nov 11, 2013 07:37 PM

Great American BBQ pop-up (White Plains, NY)

Any BBQ aficionados been to this "pop-up" restaurant on Gedney Way? It's supposedly open until the end of the month. Their menu is at

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    1. re: kaaaassss

      not sure exactly, but it is either in sam's or right by it-in white plains. the whole commercial area on gedney is all within two short blocks and on one side of the street

    2. I believe that Sam's of Gedney Way owns a catering company by the name "Great American BBQ" Perhaps they have now tried doing a pop-up restaurant next to Sam's. The pop-up is at 54 Gedney Way and Sam's is at 50 Gedney Way.

      1. Wow, is that place way overpriced! $12-13 for a bbq sandwich? $16 for a half chicken? $10 for a hamburger?

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        1. re: JMF

          People here will pay twice that. Foodies are obsessed with food! If you can't afford $10 for a burger, then stick to fast food

          1. re: realitytruthprozac

            Foodies may be obsessed with food. But this is Chowhound. We are different creatures from foodies.

            1. re: JMF

              I agree. Twelve bucks for a pulled pork sandwich? Really? I find the pricing interesting. Only one dollar more for a brisket sandwich when brisket costs at least three times more than a pork butt. No thanks.

          2. re: JMF

            I wouldn't mind $10 for a hamburger but it is a 4 oz. burger!

            1. re: valerie

              (LOL) may not want more than that- if the best they can do is a $10.00 quarter pounder. I will definitely pass on even trying them out. Also have to wonder why, at this late date in Nov. ,no one has actually posted a review- seems as if their business model isn't exactly wowing ppl. to come thru the door

          3. the sandwiches at "q" do include one side dish however, and i think they probably do a more authentic bbq.Also more established . gabbq appears to be an off-shoot of a caterer and i think less of true smoking and bbq involved (not sure of this). I wanted to at least try gabbq, but at those prices will stick to tried and true "q", if i go at all- pricing on everything is just getting too high in these tough times

            1. its back open and i've beeen a few times. the pricing is really not that bad as portions are good (6oz burger) and the food is delicious. get the corn pudding as a side--so good