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Nov 11, 2013 07:33 PM

Review - Finest At Sea Food Stand - Victoria

This is a very quick review, as I only had one item on the menu.

Finest At Sea is a fish market in James Bay, right across from Fisherman's Wharf. They own a food stand, located outside of the store, that serves up mostly fried seafood dishes and burgers. The products inside looked great, and I was told that I had to have the seafood fritters from the stand outside.

Well, the fritters tasted awful. An overdose of salt, starch, grease, and onion, completely hid the taste of any seafood at all. For those familiar with Indian food, this was a lot more like a poor tasting onion bhaji. I must note that the service was friendly and prompt.

If I do return, will it be for $20 fish and chips?

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  1. Stick to using them as a seafood retailer rather than a restaurant. I wish more businesses would take heed to the "less is more" epithet.

    Good place for guaranteed fresh salmon, halibut, sablefish, cod, and all of your west coast shellfish needs.

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      It's the same in Vancouver-their F&C @ the Arbutus St store is dreadful but the smoked & FAS product is stellar.

      The food cart they run here is a joke-I asked one of the employees if they knew that eating while making food wasn't allowed they couldn't understand what I meant nor had they ever heard of FoodSafe.