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Nov 11, 2013 07:05 PM

What can I do with 1/2 inch cubed pork shoulder?

I bought about 2 pounds of pork shoulder from Whole Foods and asked for it trimmed. When I got home I discovered that in addition to being trimmed it was also cut into 1/2 inch cubes.
Any suggestions for easy recipes? Does not have to be a main course. Needs to be easy. We love spicy foods.
Is there a pork and beans type dish?
Thank you in advance.

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  1. Sure, you could do that but the pork will cook down much quicker since its chopped so small.

    I might cook then with some onions, garlic, paprika just until browned and use it in a taco stuffing. then you can reduce the meat juices left in the pan and make a sauce. Or you could make a hash with potatoes, mix it into some rice w/ same sauce, use it to stuff roasted bell peppers, mac and cheese (with pork), so many options!

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    1. re: cryssy

      Yum! Great suggestions! Thank you! I'm a beginner cook :).

    2. Roll pork cubes in cumin. Sauté to brown. Add salsa of choice. Add apricot or peach preserves. Serve wirh rice.

      1. Posole! Brown those cubes, then simmer for a couple of hours with some onion, garlic and chicken stock. For heat, throw in a bunch of Hatch green chiles.

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        1. re: TheKitchenBitch

          Plus hominy, of course. (Right? Have you seen a posole without hominy?)

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            I recently tried something like this and thought the hominy made it too starchy. It tasted much better the second day. Spiced it up with pobolano peppers from the garden. We don't like things too spicy.

        2. I just saw this recipe the other day, it calls for finely chopped pork:

          A pork ragu, or some pork fried rice would also be good.

          1. I would rub them with a vindaloo spice mix, let sit for a day, then make pork vindaloo. In fact, bought some sliced pork shoulder that I will be doing this prep to this week.

            Another favorite here would be to coat with Mexican spices, then cook with some orange juice and white vinegar and serve as al pastor tacos.