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Nov 11, 2013 06:58 PM

Reminder Jersey Shore Restaurant Week is now!

Went to Raven and the Peach last night. Beautiful ambiance.

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  1. Maybe I am shallow but Jersey Shore restaurant week sounds so ummmm...tacky..

    1. My wife wants us to go to the Raven and the Peach. What types of food are they good at ?

      JSRW is a great opportunity to try new restaurants that you'd never try otherwise. Nothing tacky about it. But tacky is in the eye of the beholder I reckon.

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      1. re: scrappyone

        I had salmon husband had short ribs both were good but warm not hot. Service was slow… despite not being full.
        I wanted to try the place, and I am glad we went. The place was lovely, the food good. I am more interested in fantastic food than beautiful surroundings. I read the reviews from here on the way home. Usually I check here first but Restaurant Week motivated me and we went. Looking forward to trying other restaurants I normally would not think of going to.

      2. i just popped them a note, couldn't find any details on their website, except restaurants included.

        Whoops, realize this is unclear, I'm talking about the RW website, not specifically Raven & Peach.

        Glad you enjoyed your dinner!