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Nov 11, 2013 06:13 PM

San Francisco breweries of the 2010s

A few breweries have opened up since about 2010. There aren't any reports here for two new additions, Cellarmaker and Cerveceria de MateVeza.

Cellarmaker Brewing
Cerveceria de MateVeza
Social Kitchen and Brewery
Southern Pacific see
Southpaw BBQ see

I'd love to see these young breweries develop and get competitive with older and/or non-local breweries, but do any currently make beer worth trekking to? User bbulkow took several for the team on his epic walk last year ( ) and only advocated for the one beer Southpaw makes on premises.

I went to Cellarmaker over the weekend. A few of us found their petit sour disappointing, but I really liked the samples I had of their porter and stouts. Do others find them or other places promising?

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  1. Based on a visit last Friday, agree re weak sour at Cellarmaker but it's a nice space and there are other worthy brews on tap. Found the beer at Social Kitchen last trip watery, though that is a lovely location. Also weren't blown away by Speakeasy's efforts. We generally find the beers we try in Portland (the other place we drink beer regularly) more full bodied and layered but it could be a difference in styles -- we're hardly experts. Really cool to see these breweries proliferating.