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Potrero Hill Eats [San Francisco]

My two gorgeous young sons just moved to the neighborhood and I am looking for good dinner places around 22nt st caltrain station (could branch out in a 10 block radius or so) during subsequent visits. I see a bunch of places around 18th St, Chez Papa Chez Maman Gilberth's, Poquito in Dogpatch- any must try's or warnings...?

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  1. In that area, my favorites are Piccino or Serpentine. Both are in Dogpatch.
    I'm also a big fan of the ice cream at Mr & Mrs Misc., though they close early.

    1. Aperto is a decent neighborhood place. Goat Hill has all you can eat pizza night. The other area to check out is around 20th/Bryant just West of Potrero Ave, technically the Mission but very close. There's quite a few places, Universal Cafe and Slow Club come to mind.

      1. Chez Maman is a great cozy neighborhood spot- delicious burgers, french onion soup, croque monsier etc

        I also like Pera - lovely Turkish cuisine

        Goat Hill is popular with families and if you're into all you can eat pizza but their pizza is really mediocre

        1. A spot in Dogpatch that doesn't get talked about much is Marcella's Lasagneria, Tennessee @22nd. Not a spot for dining with parents, but two young men will be in heaven with take-out from here.

          Marcella's Lasagneria
          1099 Tennessee St‎
          San Francisco, CA 94107
          Lunch hours
          Monday-Friday 11:30 am to 3:00 pm
          Dinner (take out only)
          Monday-Friday 3:00pm to 6:30 pm

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            Thanks for the reminder to check this place out- it's one of those places I want to go to and then promptly forget about!

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              With those hours, it's not easy to check out! That's why I included them in the post.

              And while we're at it, might as well mention Chocolate Lab in the same neighborhood.

          2. Not yet mentioned here:

            New Spot on 20th at 3rd has the best pupusas I've ever eaten. The menu is both Salvadorean and Mexican. Inexpensive, friendly cook.

            There's a new cafe on the corner I haven't tried yet.

            I'm a big fan of Olivier's (high end) butchery in the building behind Serpentine. It is not cheap, but fresh meats cut to order, housemade sausage, farm eggs, and great deals on chicken bones and beef tendons (I make soups).

            Mr and Mrs Miscellaneous is wonderful.

            There's a big hill between the Dogpatch and the Mission (Potrero Hill). Without a car, it's easier to take the T up toward the ballpark or south to the Bayview to Radio Africa kitchen.

            I did see rumors of a new chef/popup at the Mission Rock.

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              A friend recently told me that the panuchos at New Spot are the best she's ever had. No one has ever mentioned the panuchos there, so I'm asking now if anyone has tried them. Panuchos are in the antojitos section of the menu.

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                I'd be happy to try them. I always go when I have a craving for pupusas. Like right now.

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                    Amazing. And messy. Best $3.50 I've spent this month.

            2. Poquito's good.

              Note that Chez Maman, Chez Papa, and the other restaurants in that on 18th St. are a steep climb up the hill.

              Goat Hill's Monday all-you-can-eat thing is fun to do once, but the pizza's nothing special.

              1. A few other notes, somewhat dated, but I hope not too far wrong

                For young sons @ lunch, I recommend a sandwich at Hazels. These are highly addictive and hearty and healthy (maybe not the "sauce") and come out fast. This is the hole-in-a-wall next to Farley's.

                Sunflower. I have not eaten there, but it seemed for a decade that everything in that location was pretty good but not great - eclipsed by Chez X.

                Just For You Cafe - on 22nd near the caltrain - the neighborhood's favorite hearty brunch. Beignets are pretenders compared to Cafe Du Monde, but pretty good.

                Poquito has had positive mentions (by RL). I haven't been.

                Moshi Moshi. I have a very, very nostalgic place in my heart for this japanese place. DON'T get the sushi, but if you stick to fried items (kids love fried!), you'll be in good shape. And alcohol. Kind of a party atmosphere. It's hard to actually recommend this place, but every time I go I have fun.