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Nov 11, 2013 05:23 PM

Best Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie from a bakery in West Los Angeles

Any thoughts on where to buy the best pumpkin and pecan pies preferably in West LA?

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  1. I've liked the pies I've had from Jamaica Cakes

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      Thanks so much. I will definitely check it out.

    2. The rest of the year, I avoid it like the plague... but honestly the Pumpkin Pie at Ugo is EXCELLENT. It reminds me of a mini version of the Famous Filling Station Pumpkin Pie. They sell slices so you can sample before committing to a whole pie.

      For Pecan, I really like the Pies from Homeboy. They often have them at the Mar Vista Farmers Market, but get there early... they sell out.

      Surfas also has this Pumpkin cheesecake with Cranberries which is one of my favorite slices of anything.


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        Speaking of the Fillling Station , are they still making the pumpkin pie that we all like since the change of ownership ????


        I'm gonna have to try that surfas shit too.

        Fuck and I was supposed to drop some serious fucking poundage.

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          You know not to say "poundage"....!

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            Thanks for the correction. :)

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          Surfas is very big; what part of the store is it at? (I only went to the cafe).

        3. I haven't tried pumpkin or pecan, but I love the fruit pies from Sweet Lady Jane on Montana in SM, so that's where I would go. The pumpkin pie at Urth Caffe is also excellent, not sure if they have pecan.

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            i second the Urth Caffe pumpkin pie.

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              Any fruit pie from SLJ amazes me. I even liked the strawberry rhubarb slice I tried, which is saying a lot for me. The blueberry pie is particularly outstanding. Only way they could improve is to get some darn ice cream in there. A la mode, please!

            2. My very particular friends really like the pumpkin pie from Gelsons bakery.

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                Gelson's pumpkin pie is, for me, almost perfect! It is about the balance of ingredients. It is not too sweet and not too spicy...just really good pumpkin pie. Usually, I do not like the crust, but their crust is quite good -- and not at all greasy.

              2. I love the pies I've gotten from Maison Giraud. Last year's pumpkin pie was excellent.

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                  How much ?

                  I'm presuming it's at least $45 for a smaller pie ?