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Nov 11, 2013 05:10 PM

Yummy Hannukah gift:)

Full disclosure- I stole this posting from FB- I have also called the company and the contents are Kosher! I have had many, many treats from them both from mail order and at the Ashore and man are they yummy! Enjoy a taste of the ZJersey shore for your holiday:)Hanukkah is quickly approaching & James’ Candy has the perfect combination of sweets to enjoy during this time of celebration.

Our Hanukah Celebration Tray includes milk and dark chocolate covered pretzels, non-pareils, & covered marshmallows. Use coupon code 23FBS113 at checkout & SAVE 20%. Order your tray today!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Many of the items from Jame's made under the Bayard's name are kosher. The majority of what Jame's (and it's assorted names) makes and sells are NOT kosher.

      That said if you click on the 'Kosher Info' link on their website, Jame's makes the claim that: "ALL of our products are now kosher."
      BUT if you open the Kosher Certificate pdf from OK Labs:
      ONLY 8 item numbers are kosher certified, and the list does NOT include the marshmallow that are in the Hanukah Celebration Tray.

      I would not suggest ordering and sending this item as a gift to kosher observant friends/family without first inquiring with OK Labs.

      Full Disclosure; I like the chocolate covered pretzels

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      1. re: bagelman01

        the ok website is not always up to date with kashrut info.

        1. re: koshergourmetmart

          NOT from the OK website. This is the OK Kosher Certificate on Jame's website.

        2. re: bagelman01

          the list does include 4 high hat marshmallow products. Looking at the picture of the Celebration Tray, it is possible that those marshmallow are the kosher ones. I do not recall that the posted ad does state that it is kosher.

          1. re: susiejane

            it's NOT about whether the Hanukah Tray listing ion Jame's website says the tray is kosher. If you click the Kosher Information link on the Jame's website. The first thing it says is:
            "All of our products are now kosher. Please download our kosher certification pdf for more details."

            If you click on the OK Labs Certificate pdf, it turns out only 8 items and they must be labelled 'Bayard's' are under kosher supervision. Most everything Jame's sells on its website are NOT under any kosher supervision.
            Jame's uses the word 'ALL' and that is not the case. I wish the Fralinger's salt water taffy on the website was kosher supervised, I place an immediate huge order.

            1. re: bagelman01

              The certificate with 8 items is only the first of 31 certificates listing items, 2 of which list marshmallow items. the ad does not say if the tray is kosher or not. I am assuming it is from looking through all the certificates. And I have no intentions of ordering as I have plenty of local resources for chocolate.

              1. re: susiejane

                Interesting, in 3 attempts, that was the ONLY certificate that opened

              2. re: bagelman01

                i think the taffy is kosher. when we were down south in jersey shore area it was

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