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Nov 11, 2013 05:09 PM

Toronto East End - Indian delivery

Hello everyone,

I was hoping that someone may help me track down a specific Indian restaurant. My household used to order Indian delivery from a place but we've lost the (numerous) menus and, as it has been some time since we ordered, we forget the name. We've searched the internet but no luck so I thought that someone on this board may be able to help me.

The place delivered in the East end of Toronto. They had a special where you could order a veggie entree and meat entree with pakoras, salad and samosas for around 21.99. The menu was yellow with red writing and I seem to remember the word "healthy" on the front (I'm not sure about that but it sure was delicious). Last point is that it stated something on the front saying that it operated out of a Chinese restaurant.

If anyone knows that place and can let me know, that would be great. The fact that we can't remember the name of the restaurant is driving us crazy!


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  1. Do you have any other hints such as roughly where it was? Were you ordering Hakka style Indian food? Maybe from Danforth Dragon?

    There was another Indian/Hakka place called Shirley Restaurant on Danforth near Dawes Rd, which then became "Oriental Indian" but I have not noticed it as I have driven by so it may be closed.

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      As I recall, it was the other way around - Oriental Indian (which I used to patronize regularly) closed and Shirley opened in it's place. I think that's now been replaced by something else (Chinese, I think).

    2. Whereabouts do you live? East end is a vast area.

      1. I knew I'd seen the healthy claim so I went through my flyers. Tandoor: the healthier choice, dinner deal matches your description, in small print says 'Chandni Chowk restaurant 1430 Gerrard'. 416 778 0033

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          Oh and I know what you meant by East End ;)

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            Thank you so much, julesrules!!! This is definitely the place!! I really appreciate your help (and I think it's funny that it was the "healthy" claim that tipped you off!).

            We might just order it tonight, thanks again!!! :)

          2. thank you for your replies, foodyDudey and Full tummy. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner. The good news is that julesrules got it! :)

            1. Let us know how it is.

              My order was so bad last time I promised never to order there again. That said it was almost two year ago. And I like the premise of healthy Indian food so I'd try it again if recommended.

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                One way to find healthier Indian food is to buy food that is not from the northern areas. Unfortunately that is what you usually find in 98% of restaurants. Try a south Indian restaurant or one serving food from the Kerala area.

                Aravind has closed but they served that style, and did a fantastic job of it. You can find food from Kerala at :

                Maroli, 630 Bloor St W

                Kairali , 1210 Kennedy Road

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                  how is kairali? i just learned of this keralan restaurant today and am curious! they just opened last summer, apparently.

                  1. re: helenhelen

                    I have not been there, only saw it when I was driving down Kennedy one day. I am not in that area often. Here is the FB page, it has some pictures.