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Nov 11, 2013 04:13 PM

Help in Hudson, OH (or anything else b/t Akron and Cleveland)

Boston 'hound here. B and I are heading to Akron this coming weekend to visit his 79 y.o. mom, sister, and 4 y.o. niece. My in-laws from NYC/Greenwich, CT are also going, but they'll be coming from Shaker Heights after an event. They have high standards all-around, B and I definitely have high food expectations. Mom/sister/kid never go out so we want to take them someplace nice. B told me that Hudson is a nice town about half-way between Akron and Cleveland. There is no chatter about Hudson. I found a few places: Hudson's, One Red Door, Rosewood, and Downtown 140. But, are they all style no substance? We'll be going older-folks-early (6 pm). Any and all recommendations would be welcome!

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  1. Hudson's is OK, big menu but not a special-meal kind of place. Have had one very good meal each at One Red Door and Rosewood. The chef at One Red Door is formerly of Downtown 140 -- we loved 140 and went often when he was there, but have not been back since they got their new chef.

    You might want to consider Blue Canyon in Twinsburg. Hunting-lodge feel, wild game specials, some creativity going on in the kitchen, and lots of half portions for those with smaller appetites like the 4-year-old. They have a Cheese Bake appetizer in a cast iron skillet that is worth the outrageous calories. The chef, Brandt Evans, also runs the well-regarded Pura Vida in downtown Cleveland.

    Closer to Shaker is Moxie, in Beachwood, which serves some terrific food.

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      BFG - Thanks for your input. We've decided to go with One Red Door as that was SIL's first choice. I will report back next week.