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Nov 11, 2013 03:25 PM

iso croatian food

anyone know who does this stuff well in the gta?? even just a takeout spot with good cevapi and burek would be good...


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  1. Hrvati Bar was decent but they closed recently.

    Croatia restaurant at Dixie and dundas in Mississauga is good.

    Joso's in the yorkville area for Adriatic style fish.

    For cevapi I personally like mrakovic which is close to centennial park and IMO better then royal meats (I don't like their burek though, too greasey / oily for me).

    Burek, I have yet to find a quality spot in the 416, I'd like to know of any quality places.

    Can't think of much else in the GTA.

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    1. re: squirms

      As of a few months ago, Hrvati Bar had new owners but the same phone number, and a new name. (H bar) Has H Bar closed also?

      1. re: foodyDudey

        h bar is rakia's 2nd location now...

    2. If you're ok with ordering cevapi and other Balkan dishes at a Serbian restaurant, try McAdam Place:

      A newly opened Serbian option on Euclid in the Annex is Rakia Bar. I haven't been yet, but I'm planning to try it.

      The best bureks I've eaten have been Bosnian bureks. If you use burek as a search term, some old threads should come up.

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      1. re: prima, i have zero problems with that...those all look awesome...and the brunch at rakia sounds amazing....i'm going sunday...i'll post back...