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Mole in Dallas?

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Okay, so I guess it seems bizarre for a Dallas resident to be jealous of the Mexican food in Utah(!), but I've been working in Salt Lake, and after 3 visits to the Red Iguana, I'm becoming addicted to mole sauces.

Any suggestions for where to go for these back home? Which places in the DFW area do the best moles?

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  1. Veracruz in the Bishop Arts district in Oak Cliff.

    1. I agree with Veracruz. I also recommend Ciudad.

      1. The chicken enchiladas with mole at Cantina Laredo is about the only thing I enjoy at that restaurant.

        1. Swag,

          No restaurant in Dallas has as wide a selection of moles as the Red Iguana. Sad.

          The most common one around here--often listed on menus simply as "mole"--is mole poblano. And, in almost every case, it's made from one of a few commonly available jarred bases. (No one's in the back room grinding spices.)

          In addition to the recommendations you've received from Donnie and Matt, Nuevo Leon has several moles: mole verde, manchamanteles, and poblano, as I recall, though they may have one or two others. Unfortunately, their Oak Lawn location, which always did a better job with the moles, has closed. The Greenville location seems to be driven more by the bar than by the restaurant. Still, it's worth a try.

          Beyond that, your best bet is just to explore the non-gringo-oriented Mexican restaurants and taquerias in your area. None of them is likely to have a menu with a standing array of moles. But many of them will have one or two on the menu, plus an occasional special (such as the chicken in mole colorado pictured below, from Barbacoa Estilo Hidalgo, on Maple).

          Though DFW has a large Mexican-American population, most of the immigration has been from the central plains (and, particularly, from Guanajuato), where moles aren't as big as they are farther south (e.g., Puebla and Oaxaca). That may, in part, account for the shortage of options.

          Good luck. If you come across anything good, let us know.


          Image: http://www.dallasfood.org/photos/mexo...

          1. Can't help ya with Dallas mole, but I wanted to recommend the "PUNTAS DE FILETE A LA NORTENA" listed under Red Iguana Signature Dishes on the menu. Try that before you leave Salt Lake City if you get a chance. Red Iguana is my favorite place to eat in SLC. Love their moles.

            Link: http://www.rediguana.com/RedIguanaMen...

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              Yeah, I had the puntas on my last visit, but at the waiter's urging, had it with the Amarillo (extra spicy) mole.

              That one dish was in large part what inspired my query.

              Thanks everyone for the suggestions, and keep 'em coming.

            2. I join in the recommendations of Veracruz and Nuevo Leon. I haven't been there in a long time, but I think I remember liking the mole at Mercado Juarez. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm off the mark on that one.

              1. Pretty good Mole at Avila's on Maple.

                1. I second Nuevo Leon since it's in a similar price-range to Red Iguana. I'm sad to hear the Oak Lawn location closed. Below is a pic of Red Iguana's Mole Amarillo. I just got back from two weeks in central/southern Mexico and I think that Nuevo Leon and Red Iguana, in their price range, would do quite nicely in Mexico.

                  Link: http://www.extramsg.com/modules.php?s...

                  Image: http://www.extramsg.com/albums/album2...

                  1. Cuidad has the best mole I have ever had. It is very addictive.

                    1. Since this thread has been newly posted to, if you aren't aware, Nuevo Leon on Greenville was destroyed last summer after a kitchen fire. The fire also destroyed the Arcadia theatre and other businesses in that block and forced the businesses that weren't torched to close as well. The whole block was razed in December.

                      So, no mole on Greenville (which had changed hands anyway and gone downhill)... you have to go to the Farmer's Branch location.

                      1. Mario and Alberto's Mexican restaurant ( on South side of 635 at Preston), used to have fabulous chicken enchiladas with a mole sauce on top...Have not been for awhile, so don't know if they still do..It was the best tasting mole sauce that I have ever had...Check it out

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                          I have a desire to revive this thread and get your views and reviews on Dallas mole options. Reading back, I did enjoy the Nuevo Leon grilled quail served with a mole. I would love to find this again, but have suffered through the process at home (Oh, to have a great handmade mole sold over the counter).

                        2. Although I've never had the mole' at Avila's I'll try it next time I'm there. I just can't get past their brisket tacos. I love, Avila's!
                          And, I didn't have the mole' at El Ranchito in Oak Cliff but judging from the food I did eat, I'll bet the mole' would be worth trying there.
                          I do remember eating the mole' at Veracruz in Oak Cliff. Very good!

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                            the mole poblano at Avila's is a little sweet and thick for my taste, to be honest. I liked it better at La Palapa.

                          2. The mole verde at Lito's is fantastic - can't get enough of that stuff! Also, when available, the mole at La Palapa Veracruzana is also delicious - they serve it as enmoladas (corn tortillas dipped in mole). Unfortunately, it's only available on weekends, and sometimes not even then due to low demand.

                            1. I'm still searching for mole, but Aparicio's in Plano, at 18th St (just West
                              of Avenue K) has my favorite mole so far.

                              They used to be Plano Tortilla Factory, but several years ago built a bigger,
                              and classier restaurant. We've gotten the tamales for Christmas Eve
                              for several years.

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                              1. re: jmellby

                                Everything is good at La Palapa Veracruzana!!!

                              2. After trying and not liking (bitter) the mole at Ojeda's on Maple, our waiter told us that the place to go for good mole is El Mercado Cocina Mexicana across from the Dallas Farmers Market. This waiter's English was on the limited side, so I would give some credence to his knowledge on the subject.

                                I've been there subsequently, but didn't have the mole - however! after walking thru the market on a really hot summer day, I can vouch for El Mercado Cocina Mexicana having the coldest beer in town!

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                                1. re: CocoaNut

                                  I eat at the "Mercado Cocina" at Dallas Farmers Market whenever I go down there. Like, today!
                                  Their food is wonderful. Can't wait for lunch!

                                2. I had the mole' at the Mercado Cucina today. It was, OK but, it didn't send me to mole' nirvana. I'd like to hear other opinions for the mole' at this restaurant.
                                  A word to the wise: Their A/C is terrible! It was about 100 degrees this afternoon when I was there and it felt like they didn't even have the A/C on. I enquired and was told, "It's always like that".
                                  I really like this place but, I'll stick to my Tex-Mex favorites there and, just eat there when it's (a lot) cooler outside.

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                                    Having never had MC's mole, I was reading what you had to say about the problem A/C and with the heat/humidity outside today being horrible, it occured to me that mole is a pretty heavy, complex sauce and may play better as a fall/winter accompaniment. Since you said it was "OK" and not "terrible", I just wonder if the heat of the day maybe played tricks on your taste sensibilities in anyway. But, whichever, at least it's been tried now and reported. Maybe someone else will chime in as well. I'm just sorry I put it in your mind to only be dissapointed.

                                    1. re: CocoaNut

                                      I think it was cooler, outside on their shaded patio than, inside, today.