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Nov 11, 2013 02:30 PM

Best Sushi in Vancouver

Have been to Sushi Hachi, didn't enjoy it.

Loved Minami, but not an overly traditional place.

Heading to Tojo's on Saturday, perhaps going to have their Omakase.

Was also told about Suika, and it's an izakaya, so I'm a little skeptical about their Sushi offerings... ?

What other places are considered among the top places in Van? Please and thank you.

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  1. Prepare to be underwhelmed & over charged by Tojo. always on top.

    1. 2nd O Garden

      For more affordable options check out Shiro, Kishimoto or Ajisai.

      1. Zest is good...extensive menu with lots of local offerings. We especially like the omakase menu. Tell them you want it when making the reservation and arrive hungry.

        Nakamura is also good; limited menu, very simple but good sushi. Run by a local Japanese couple. They have a mini-kaiseki meal at lunch for about $15.00.

            1. re: Florentine

              Octopus' Garden seems to be the best place for omakase since Kimura left his namesake operation on Rupert.

              Miko on Robson (not to be confused with Miku which is related to Minami) is pretty fantastic for sashimi and traditional rolls, plus they have some interesting grilled items. Bring money. And be sure to order a la carte as their sets are cheap but not salutary.

              One trip to Sushi Hachi was good but it seems you have to order carefully, and of course it's hard to get into.

              Kibune is still tops for me -- had another killer meal there at the bar a week ago Tuesday that was all expensive stuff like uzusukuri and only set us back $90 for two before tax and tip.

              Ajisai also worthy but only if you go early, sit at the bar and recall that they don't have a deep fryer. I like that they often have interesting fish, and use yamaimo and natto with relative abandon. Also bring money.

              Kishimoto is another solid choice, though I have been served frozen fish there once. Love their aburi. They do interesting, well balanced rolls. Avoid anything deep fried though, I suspect their fryer is not calibrated correctly for temperature.

              For more everyday sushi, I like Tokyo Thyme. It can get pricey if you order the house special rolls but quite reasonable otherwise. Avoid anything cooked.

              Suika is uneven, and the sushi is a pass for me. There's one cooked beef dish on the menu that is a standout, but this place really is an izakaya.

              Shiro made me unhappy last time I went, overpriced and crappy cuts on the sashimi but that was a while ago.

              1. re: grayelf

                Looks like I have quite a bit of work to do. Thank you for all the info, everyone!

                Will report back when I've done sufficient exploring.

                1. re: grayelf

                  Thought I'd post a few pix of our Kibune meal on Nov 5

                    1. re: justxpete

                      Yeah, we were going for some of the more "exotic" stuff I guess -- when mum is with us we do more rolls, which are also excellent, with consistently well prepped rice at the right temp. The Hiro maki is especially well balanced.

                    2. re: grayelf

                      Nice grayelf - I've had a couple of good meals at Kibune lately. Particularly like the work of Yamasaki-san (the well rounded sushi chef who used to be a boxer). His work is elegant. Particularly like the way he treats mackerel with a light cure.