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May 21, 2005 08:36 PM

Good Thai in East Dallas/Downtown?

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You like thai? Thai good, you like shirt?

ok, now that I got the obligitory simpsons reference over with, Here's the deal. . .I'm really jonesing for some good, authentic thai near where I live (75 @ henderson, right down the street from hibiscus). My prereqs are as follows: First it's gotta be good. . . the gooder the better! =D Second, cheap earns major brownie points. I'm looking for mostly to-go options as I find myself in the mood for thai on the way home from work. I don't care about ambience for much the same reason. My benchmark for a good thai restaraunt is (or was for me) Madam Mam's in austin. I haven't been there in probably a year or so, but have fond memories of stuffing my maw with huge portions of great thai food for less than $7.
I've tried Royal Thai by the village, which while not bad, was a bit more expensive than I though it should have been. Bangkok City was much the same, only more expensive, and a bit more bland in the flavor department for what I've tried. The best option I've found so far is Thai Noodle & Rice. Decent prices, and everything there I've tried is at least worth going back for. That being said, I'm still looking for something that I can rave about. Do you guys have any suggestions? I beseech the hive mind of chowhound to procure me delicious answers!

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  1. Which Bangkok City did you try?? Have a go at the one on Oram and Skillman St.I had a friend who lived in Thailand for 6 years and he swore by it.

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      I tried the one off of peak and bryan. it wasn't bad by any means, but wasn't great, and I thought it was expensive for what I got... if I pay $10 for just an entree to go, I expect it to be better than a similar entree for $7.50 at thai noodle and rice. I tried the basil chicken that particular time (recomendation from the server, even after I told him I was familiar with thai and an adventurous eater).

    2. Check out the link below. Also, I believe the place at Oram and Skillman is Bangcock Inn, not City.

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        the funny thing is, I think there's a bangkok inn AND a bangkok city right next to eachother, and I'm pretty sure I went to the right one, and I got the recommendation from that link. thanks for the help.

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          No, they're not right next to each other. Bangkok in is Skillman and Oram, it's good enough. Bangkok City is Peak and Bryan and also Greenville and Dyer or University or something close, it's no bueno. I live in East Dallas right by Bangkok Inn. It's ok if you talk to the owner and really explain what you're looking for. This is the hardest part of eating Thai in a restaurant, convincing them that you don't want "american 'thai' spicy" and whatnot. Best just to drive up to Plano and hit Jasmine Thai or Noodle Wave.