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Nov 11, 2013 01:41 PM

Thanksgivukkah Recipies

This is the first time I'm making Thanksgiving (we generally go to friends, but they have a wedding this year) and its Thanksgivukkah. Does anyone have any ideas (please no sweet potato latkes) my son doesn't like these. TIA

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  1. I think someone has already posted this, but go crazy...


    1. If you're not hung up on presenting a whole turkey to the assembled guests/family:

      Try taking turkey chops and cutlets and making potato encrusted Turkey.

      Grate potatoes and onions/matzo meal or flour and egg as you would for latkes, dip the turkey parts into egg then flour and then the latke mix. Press the latke mix well all over the turkey to form a crust. Partially fry in an electric skillet until brown on both sides, finish cooking on a sheet pan, single layered,in a preheated 350F oven until cooked through-15-20 minutes for cutlets or chops, 45-55 min for legs (14 lb size turkey).

      This is a take on potato crusted salmon...I don't like salmon, love and serve turkey at least once a week, so have come up with many ways to prepare it.

      Then again, you can just go redneck style and deep fry your turkey (not for apartment dwellers).

      I'll be cooking turkey parts on the grill this Thanksgiving which is our preferred way to eat turkey. Taking the Chanukkah oil/fried concept into consideration I'm making an appetizer of mini brochettes of cubed turkey, vegetables and falafel balls served with a cranberry vinegarette dressing (made with olive oil).

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        I second deep fried turkey - nothing beats it -

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            If you are ever going to fry a turkey this is a once a lifetime best time to do it. Why? Fried foods and Hanukkah go together. In fact, eating fried foods on Hanukkah is a good omen for gaining wealth!

            1. re: thekosherchannel

              and besides it is the best way to have turkey plus you get the added benefit of Turkey Gribbenes!

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                We've been frying for ten years now. Constantly looking for new ideas for appetizers and snacks before sitting down to the Turkey. We've done:

                Stuffed wontons
                egg rolls
                corn dogs
                veggie tempura
                polpetti - mix of mashed potato and ground meat
                Oreo's (Paskez kind)

                For Chanukah we have a dairy fryer
                Mozzarella sticks
                funnel cake
                ice cream (didnt really work)

                Love that deep fryer

              2. re: thekosherchannel

                and gaining weight (btw im not mocking you im frying my turkey too)

          2. Here are some ideas:

            What about latkes with cranberry sauce, challah stuffing, and pumpkin doughnuts?

            The main Hanukkah foods are latkes and doughnuts, so as long as you include one of those with a standard Thanksgiving menu, you're good!

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            1. re: DevorahL

              I was thinking of making latkes with cranberry applesauce.

              And I love challah stuffing!

              We're always by family for thanksgiving so I don't get to cook. Shabbat dinner is my time to go nuts- this year I'm totally going with the thasgivikkah theme!

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                I accually found a reipie four cranberry latkes, in a local Jewish Newspaper (the Jewish Link Of Bergen County(Teaneck Area) ) it had apples and cranberrys and some matza meal in additiona to all the normal latke ingredients

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                  And aside rom it being a nod to thanksgiving, this is actually appealing to you?

                  1. re: magiesmom

                    The thing about holidays is that it's easy to get a little carried away.

                    1. re: AdinaA

                      Well, that is true.:)
                      I really like the discrete nature of each.

                    2. re: magiesmom

                      to magiesmom it acually sounds very good

                      1. re: yzd323

                        Not to me, but taste is subjective.
                        I am offended by the whole Thanksgivukah thing.

                          1. re: magiesmom

                            i wasn't saying to you. I was saying that I was commenting on your post. Sorry if you were offended.

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                          I don't really like "stuff" in my latkes, so it's not something I would eat. But I like the idea of something different as a sauce or dip ...

                  2. I know I answered preciously, but>>>>
                    Today I visited the synagogue nursery school where my sister is the director. There was a pre-Chanukkah workshop for teachers going on. The culinary arts expert had brought in large size aluminum cookie cutters in Turkey, Pumpkin and shapes. She made latkes in these shapes, fried them and served with cranapplesauce. The cranapplesauce was 95% chunky applesauce with just enought cranberry to color and give a hint of tartness.
                    She also suggested making pareve doughnuts with the cookie cutters and frying and instead of filling with jelly, icing with a cranberry jam/jelly

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                      Totally going to try the shaped latkes with my 2.5yo!

                      Last night we made Hanukkah cookies...and a few snowmen :)

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                        I'm very impressed with the turkey shaped latkes. I have a hard enough time getting mine somewhat uniform in size and oval-ish. I will say that some of mine come out shaped like turkeys, but it's not by design. :-)

                      2. We are leaning more toward Thanksgiving in my family and celebrating Hanukkah separately but I saw this today...

                        Pecan-Cranberry Noodle Kugel