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Nov 11, 2013 11:57 AM

High Street on Market/ Talula's Market/ Markets that make dinner

Walked by High Street on Market the other day, it was new to me! Via some googling, I figured out it was the old Fork, etc. space. So... is it still related to Fork (oh, yes, says more googling)? They appear to be serving dinner and the menu looks great. Has anyone been? BYOB? Reservations?

Similarly, I am curious about the prix fixe dinners at Talula's Market.

Lay it on me, chow folks, what markets are great for dinner?

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  1. It's a side project of Fork. It has a license, so not BYO. At least for dinnertime I wouldn't consider it a market, it really feels like a restaurant in "market" attire.

    I've eaten there and everything I ate was excellent: the broccoli with chowchow inspired me to recreate the dish at home, the eggplant pasta had an amazing yogurt and jerk seasoning sauce, and the potato rolls were addictively good. I will definitely return.

    The only negative I could really fault was the explain-y waitress we had, who had to describe in detail what every ingredient was, how to order off the menu, and how their pre-made bottled cocktails are supposedly superior (they're not).

    1. both are fantastic and well wort going to. I'd make reservations at both, neither are byo, but i think each have a $25 corkage/btl.

      1. I've really enjoyed High Street on Market for lunches and dinner; but the setups are very different for each mealtime. Lunch is casual with takeout available (the duck meatball sandwich is sinful), while dinner service-wise and food-wise is right on the level with next door Fork. The pastas we had were fabulous, especially the eggplant pasta mentioned above by lowereastrittenhouse. Wine list is very good and selections from the small plates menu were intriguing and completely delicious.

        1. At High Street baker is from Sullivan St in NY, thus great bread, stuff is all good from what l saw last week.
          l was a lunch patron.

          1. Thanks for all of your insights, I am eager to try both!