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beach & vegetarian (yes, I know it's November)

We have an out of town guest coming who loves the ocean, and would be thrilled to go out somewhere for dinner on/near the beach, even if it's no longer beachy season. 2/4 of the folks dining (including out of town guest) are ovo-lacto vegetarian, 1 vegan, so seafood isn't really what we're looking for. Everyone is adventurous/chowish.

We will have a car, so T-access not an issue.

(The most likely option will be that we'll separate the beach-going and the eating our way around Boston parts of the day, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any recs I hadn't thought of.)

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  1. I'm hard pressed to think of any Boston restaurant that is actually on a beach....

    1. Red Rock Bistro just across the Lynn line in Swampscott isn't known for excellent food, but the location on the beach is lovely.

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        I haven't been to Red Rock since the former owner, Paul Petersiel, passed away recently. It does have a great view.

      2. Something down in the Seaport area? Rosa Mexican? Aura? Probably not the best choices of food quality down there, but close to waterfront and veg options. Alternatively, maybe an adventure down to Hingham to Tosca by the Hingham Harbor?

        1. Clarify whether you literally want a beach or just a water view ...

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            I am not 100% sure what guest's heart is set on -- I think we'll end up going for a walk on a beach and a completely separate food excursion, but we'll see. I just figured I'd ask and see if there was something perfect I just didn't know about, first.

          2. The upscale Greek place (Ithaki?) in downtown Ipswich probably has good veg options and is close to Crane's Beach.

            Kelly's in Revere is right across the street from the beach. They have a number of casual, non-seafood options but probably not veg-friendly.

            The Lobster Pool in Rockport is right on the water but not a sandy beach, though there are many en route there (Wingaersheek, Good Harbor, Halibut Point, etc) - also probably tough for veg options, however..

            1. The Tides in Nahant has decent pizza and is located right on the beach. The walking/biking trail is right there and it is a flat 3 mile walk along the beach to Swampscott.

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                my son loves the Tides. It's typical pub food but okay and it is right on the beach. Views are great. It's right before you get to Red Rock bistro. Great for a walk on the beach before or after.

              2. You could do the Landing or Barnacle in Marblehead and check out Fort Sewall.

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                  I love Singing Beach in Manchester, small but beautiful and also the park downtown overlooking the boats and bay and the sunsets over the water from that view. Theres a fairly new Mexican place downtown next to Dunkins which says they are authentic, I think Oaxacan with veggie options but I haven't been yet. Lobster Pool is beautiful but don't know if theres much food choice... Rockport might be a great choice on Bearskin Neck. Years ago we ate at My Place by the Sea, which was pricey but excellent and right on the water.

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                    just googled and the Manchester place is La Casa de Luis with def veggie options like cactus, portabello burgers or fajitas etc And My Place by the Sea on tip of Bearskin def veggie choices like veggie chili, curried noodles etc

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                    Fort Sewall is incredibly beautiful. The food at both those places is not exactly great, but it passes and so they are worth it, I think. You can walk easily to Fort Sewall.

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                      There is also 5 Corners Kitchen which is very good just not on the water. Also Soall Bistro has decent Vietnamese. Or Life Alive in Salem then a stroll around Pickering Wharf.

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                        Soall Bistro looks like a great option, thanks! Or we may just go for less driving and go over to Revere Beach and then hit Habesha on the way home.

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                          It's toned down a bit for the Suburban clientele but still tasty and a short drive to either Fort Sewall or Devereaux beach.