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Nov 11, 2013 10:34 AM

why no deals on turkey

The supermarkets on Long island are not running any deals on Turkeys this Thanksgiving.
Does anybody know the reason for this? I know shop rite is doing spend $400 for a free turkey but nobody else is doing anything

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  1. I too noticed this, I'm going to guess one of two things: that turkeys are really expensive this year (I mean for the supermarket, like maybe over $1.50 /lb wholesale which people don't think of as cheap); or loss leader items may be becoming a thing of the past. The older generation was really into price comparison, but maybe the younger ones don't have the time or patience anymore. But it's weird when you've come to expect it.

    1. I haven't notice yet in Calif. (haven't looked), but I would guess that crop loss (and maybe bird loss) due to drought and flooding the last couple years might be the cause. Look how the price of beef has gone up. I'd ask at the store next time you go or call and ask.

      1. No sales in Westchester either. The prices on turkey have gone sky high and a large turkey costs a pretty penny. If you buy kosher you can't even get a large - 19-20 pounder anymore in the supermarket. I noticed the high prices on ground turkey too.