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Nov 11, 2013 10:26 AM

Celebration venue in Quincy

50th Wedding Anniversary

20 people

American or French fare

Moderately priced


Quincy or surrounding area.

Whadya got?

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    1. As suggested, Granite Links is a very nice venue for this type of celebration. I have been there for a number of functions retirement etc. If you are there during daylight hours the views are gorgeous. That said, service while efficient tends to be a little amateurish.
      Another option might be Port 305 at Marina Bay. While I haven't been for a function, the food is good, they have great views and a function room upstairs.

      1. It's inquiries like this that remind me that after all these years Venezia hasn't kicked it up. Location, location, and pedestrian venue in every other regard. Sorry, that doesn't really help, other then perhaps confirm that they haven't made over this old place with a view.

        1. Granite links food has improved a lot. Some selections are pretty good.

          I would never call the dining room romantic, but on a clear night the view is unbeatable.

          Venezia, not so much...

          1. Port 305 and Siro's at Marina Bay do a very good job with small functions. Their food is quite good and they know how to provide professional service. Prices are fair and the view is great.