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Nov 11, 2013 10:21 AM

How To Make Sure You Get Enough To Eat At Holiday Parties

This made me laugh out loud, and think of all my friends here.

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  1. Love this - thanks for the laugh!

    1. I laughed out loud like a crazy person when I got to this line:
      "Before you take a bite of anything, ask yourself: could I sprinkle peanut M&Ms on this?"

      1. My favorite part:
        " Just because your food’s got gravy on it doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some dip"

        1. Show up on time - the good stuff goes first
          If there is a spread of iced shellfish, hang out there
          Don't eat Brazil nuts
          Pour your own drinks
          Learn how to balance a small hors d'ouerve plate on top of your drink to free up a hand.
          Bring your own silver forks, screw the frilly toothpicks

          1. "Remember the hidden calories in drinks. Look very carefully for them; they’re hidden. Who knows how many drinks it will take for you to find them."

            That's gotta be my fave, hands down.