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How To Make Sure You Get Enough To Eat At Holiday Parties

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This made me laugh out loud, and think of all my friends here.


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  1. Love this - thanks for the laugh!

    1. I laughed out loud like a crazy person when I got to this line:
      "Before you take a bite of anything, ask yourself: could I sprinkle peanut M&Ms on this?"

      1. My favorite part:
        " Just because your food’s got gravy on it doesn’t mean you couldn’t use some dip"

        1. Show up on time - the good stuff goes first
          If there is a spread of iced shellfish, hang out there
          Don't eat Brazil nuts
          Pour your own drinks
          Learn how to balance a small hors d'ouerve plate on top of your drink to free up a hand.
          Bring your own silver forks, screw the frilly toothpicks

          1. "Remember the hidden calories in drinks. Look very carefully for them; they’re hidden. Who knows how many drinks it will take for you to find them."

            That's gotta be my fave, hands down.

            1. Thank you again for this link- I printed it out and shared it with everyone at work. Big hit.

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                Don't wear a new swede leather sports jacket to the party. Don't wrap up a dozen little 'drums of heaven' chicken wing drum sticks in paper napkins and put them in the pockets to eat when you get home. Don't forget the greasy little drum sticks are in the jacket pockets until a few days later. Only to see nice big grease stains on the sides of the new expensive jacket which will basically ruin the jacket for a couple of bucks worth of crappy greasy tough tasteless drum sticks. Don't do that.