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Nov 11, 2013 10:08 AM

Somehow I missed this, a North Fork Long Island Oyster Fest is the new thing

Oh well, I'll make a note for next year. Hopefully a little less crowded than the Maritime Festival?

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  1. please keep us up to date (next year) with this event. I'd like to see what this is all about. :-)

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    1. re: Gastronomos

      I will. I already got at 2014 calendar in the mail from somewhere!! And I made a note to self.

    2. The oyster fest was in Oyster Bay. (how appropriate) It's not the North Fork; but it is on the northern coast of Nassau County. I think it was a few weeks ago.

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        But now there is another in Greenport on the North Fork, in the summer. Let the games begin! I bet there's more oysters out here, I'll let you know next year.

        1. re: coll

          Love Greenport but I don't go there in the summer...especially on the weekend. I've never been to the oyster festival in Oyster Bay but I have been to the lobster festival in Rockland, Maine.

          I don't know which town has more oysters. I do know that it's a really big event in Oyster Bay and has been for years.

          1. re: Scott_R

            I was talking about the one that had in August, it was the whole village. But now I see it was part of the Maritime Festival, replacing the Chowder Contest. Good thing I have almost a year to get up to speed on the details!

            The place that used to win the Chowder contest every year was rumored to use doctored up Campbells so I never partook in the fun.

            I went to the one in Oyster Bay in it's infancy, I used to live nearby; but once they started having mandatory shuttles down by 106/107 I realized it would be WAY too crowded for me! Not saying the Maritime Festival would be much better though. Oh well, there's more than one way to skin an oyster.....

              1. re: lenorel57

                I know, if I want oysters bad enough I can just go to a restaurant!

                1. re: coll

                  But then you miss the crowds and long lines

                  1. re: lenorel57

                    Luckily, having lived here all my life, I've had enough to last me! I moved out to the east end to escape, haha!

          2. Now here's what I'm talking about

            This past weekend, I'll have to make a note for next year.