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Nov 11, 2013 08:57 AM

Slow-cooking tomato sauce?

I've seen some recipes for slow cooking tomato sauces in the crock pot all day, and just wondering if this is worth doing or not. Either way I'll be starting the sauce on the stove top, so I don't think it would save me any time like other crock pot recipes. Does it develop that much more flavor? I think I could see more rationale for it if it was a meat sauce, but I'm just looking to make a simple marinara sauce, as I like to make tomato sauce in bulk and add meat, cream, whatever I like throughout the week.

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  1. Meat sauce is at least four hours, but marinara one half to one hour tops. Marinara is supposed to be "bright".

    1. It doesn't develop more flavor because the liquids don't evaporate as much but it is easy if you need to leave the house and want to come home to sauce that's ready to eat. If you do it, make sure to cut liquids from what you do on the stove.

      1. I wouldn't recommend a slow cooker for a marinara, not really a need for it. Plus, a common step in the beginning is to cook your garlic/onions and red pepper flakes in the oil gently first, to release their flavors.

        1. Here is a good slow roast oven baked tomato sauce, using tomatoes, garlic, peppers onion, olive oil. You can add meat as you like and use it for many recipes.