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Nov 11, 2013 08:34 AM

Best Lunch in Lyon?

We will be arriving in Lyon from the train station and before we board our river cruise ship, we would like to have lunch at a restaurant in Lyon. We realize that we are not doing justice to Lyon cuisine but we would like a sample. We would consider Paul Bocuse because we live in Chicago and hope to try Next's Bocuse menu, but we are open to any suggestions of an excellent meal.

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  1. Since you mentioned Bocuse, if you mean L auberge du pont de collonges then go for it.. I had one of my best meals there, maybe my best. You can find many lyonnais dishes there like quenelle de brochet, or tete de veau etc.

    I would then suggest the other place that I had lunch the La Mere Brazier, 2 star very stylish restaurant with good service and good value for money. They also have many traditional lyonnais dishes.

    I remember one diner I had in Lyon in a bouchon, not from the famous ones, that the bill was 42 euros for 2 persons for only one quenelle and one salad nicoise, with half litre local non botteled wine, all for the 2 of us. So I think go for the best ( Bocuse excluding due to pricing) and get better value for money. There is a new 1 michein star restaurant called L effervessence with lunch menus at 25 or 29 euros. When I went last year it was 19euros btw, but then the michelin star came and raised the prices. Still good value.

    1. "Best" is completely relative. What one person thinks is best, another thinks is meh, another thinks worst.

      Giannis loved Bocuse -- I had one of the most disappointing meals ever there. Surely the "worst" of all the 3-star meals I have ever experienced.

      However, 3-star meals, wherever they are, have a kind of "sameness" about them. Lyon is a workingman city, much like Chicago (I'm a Chicago native). The food there that is unique is not starred cuisine. It's the bouchon food.

      My best lunch last November was the Gras Double at Daniel et Denise. The original location, not the one in Old Town. I would gladly go back there and order the same menu (and I intend to do so in the Spring).