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Source for Thanksgiving Turkey?

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Anyone have a lead on a good purveyor of tasty whole turkeys (uncooked)?

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  1. Ecofriendly does the heritage birds, catch them at the Dupont or Courthouse farmers markets - I usually get mine from Balduccis, the "natural' variety - I have found them to be in the sweet spot of flavor/price for me.

    Lots of other places out there might but I don't have first-hand experience with these - You may try Red Apron or Society fair in Alexandria.

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      Red Apron -- good call. Thanks!

    2. You can pre-order a turkey at the Dupont Circle farmers market. I've never ordered one myself (I always go home to Boston for the holiday) but I love the idea of getting it straight from the farmer!

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        Thanks for quick reply!

      2. The Post had a list of local sources recently:


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          Huge thanks!

        2. Hillside Turkey Farm, Thurmont Maryland! Hands down the best anywhere...They sell to Chevy Chase Supermarket, at least they did in the past!