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Nov 11, 2013 07:59 AM

Franny's wait on a Wednesday?

Hi all, thinking about taking my boyfriend to Franny's for his birthday on a Wednesday night, but have never been--how long is the wait around 6:30-7? Don't want to spoil the celebration with a hungry stint in a line.

Any other delicious Brooklyn suggestions welcome--we love Applewood, Al Di La, etc. Looking for someplace with amazing food but also a bit of a special-event vibe. Thanks!

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  1. we tried to drop in over there on a Wednesday recently and there were a few people waiting but not a long line (they were also having a special event, which they are also having this Wednesday) - since we do not like to wait AT ALL, we didnt even ask, but I think it would be manageable at the time you mention. You could also try their new place, Marco's in their old space, which is supposed to be a little glossier decor-wise.. We havent been yet so cant report.

    Id say Convivium has more of a special occasion vibe than Franny's in any event, and very good food and wine.

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      Convivium is my go-to spot in Park Slope. I've never had to wait during the week. Great food, great atmosphere and service

    2. Holiday on Ice is at the Barclay's Center this Wednesday at 7 PM so people should be clearing out of these at around 6:30 or so (although I'm not sure if Marcos and Convivium be full of Holiday on Ice attendees and Franny's might be a bit far for them) In any case Convivium takes reservations and should be your best bet.

      1. Thanks! Convivium reservation made.

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          Update: Loved Convivium! Luckily we had enough cash--forgot that they were AMEX-only. The space was so cozy and romantic, the service delightful, the food tasty. Thanks!