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Best Caesar Salad in Greater Boston?

A classic? A dinosaur? I love them and would like to know where you get your favorite Caesar Salad!

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  1. Cafe Escadrille in Burlington and Strip T's in Watertown.
    CE in Burlington was the classic, done table side and very good.

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        Second Strip T's. I had it again the other night and it was garlicky deliciousness!

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          YES....garlicky deliciousness is an excellent description of how I would describe ST's Caesar salad!

      2. Harvest in Cambridge was always a favorite of mine. Whole leaves of Romaine hearts with an excellent dressing with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and house made croutons. Very very good..

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        1. I haven't had enough to tell you where the best is, but I very much enjoy the "dirty caesar" at Russell House Tavern in Harvard Sq., and the caesar salad at Fiorella's in Newton.

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              Agree on RH and Strip T's. Both are excellent.

              Also had a good one at Bread and Butter in the N End.

            2. I've always enjoyed the simple light notes of Teatro's caesar.

              1. I like Rustic Kitchen - with the parmesan basket/bowl ...delish

                1. Stella has one of my favorite ones....really perfection in the dressing!

                  1. I love the one at 51 Lincoln, a work of art.

                    1. I love Caesar salads in general and for my money the best I've had is at PICCO in the South End. Not overdressed, but tart and creamy with generous shavings of high quality parm. Also available with sardines.