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Magazines with test kitchens?

Does anyone have a list of the (U.S.) food magazines that actually have test kitchens? I.e. publications that actually test the information they report. Obviously America's Test Kitchen / Cook's Country, but what about Saveur, Intermezzo, Paula Deen, Vegetarian Times, anything like that?

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      1. Food Network Magazine - which is actually the Food Network back kitchen. Eating Well Magazine. Food and Wine has a full test kitchen as well. Actually most nationally distributed magazines who cover food as well as lifestyle topics have a test kitchen.

          1. I'm wondering if we're doing ekristyn's homework for her since we all easily found this on the Magical Google Machine.

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              My first thought upon reading the OP was job search.

            2. Thank you SO much to everyone who was willing to respond! And @LindaWhit, no you are not doing my homework for me :-) I'm trying to decide which magazine really provides the best information and best value for me, which IMHO totally depends on whether they actually test their information! :-)

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                Sounds good, ekristyn. From a value standpoint, I don't think you can go wrong with Saveur or Cooking Light. But others might have a different opinion.

              2. Rodale Press also has a test kitchen. So Prevention, Organic Gardening, Men's Health, etc., gets nutritional analyses and recipes from there.