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Nov 11, 2013 06:33 AM

Help! Premade Party Hors d'oeurves - fresh or frozen options

I'm having a cocktail party for about 40 people and in addition to the usual cheese, nuts, veggies I do, I want to have some hot and cold passed hors d'oeuvrves. I don't have time to make much myself so I'm looking for ideas on sources. A caterer is possible but I'd rather avoid the cost. Has anyone found any frozen options that are really good? Most of what I've tried over the years has been average or poor.
Alternatively, is can you recommend a caterer who can provide stuff like this in advance at a reasonable price?

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  1. You may want to post on your local board if you want a caterer recommendation.

    The only frozen thing I have actually liked was the frozen spanakopita from Sam's Club. Otherwise I am all for crockpot cooking or making a cheeseball.

    1. I'm not sure where you live, but whole foods has catering options that are often a better quality product for less $ than an independant caterer

      1. We made pinwheels from puff pastry. I did one veggie with mushroom and spinach and another with chicken and sundrIed tomato. They get sliced, frozen, and then placed in a bag. The day of, you put on a cookie sheet and bake then when ready. What about shrimp cocktail, made ahead and chilled? Tortellini salad with toothpicks, it gets batter with a day or two. Pork tenderloin is great cold. Olives....

        1. The mini quiches by Nancy's are pretty good. Maybe more trashy than what you want, but the pigs in a blanket by Nathan's are tasty. If you have a Wegman's nearby, their brand of frozen appetizers are pretty good. I can't remember exactly what all they are, but it's like a variety of 3 different kinds that you can get in a pack. And I will also echo the shrimp cocktail idea. Buy a bag of frozen shrimp, thaw and add some cocktail sauce. Voila. Or there's always frozen meatballs thrown in a crock pot with the sauce of your choice. I can't recommend a brand though, as I've never actually bought any, but I'm positive I've consumed and enjoyed some before.

          Edited to add, I also like the pinwheel sandwiches from Costco. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but the ones my parents buy have turkey, cheese and cream cheese in them. I'm not sure if they have other flavors since I never go. I just enjoy my parents bounty.

          1. Dean & Deluca's has great frozen apps made by Dufour pastry people. Easy to mail order.