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Nov 11, 2013 06:32 AM

Epicerie Boulud

After a really nice meal at Lincoln, we stopped by Epicerie Boulud. We ordered 4 kinds of pates, some cheeses, a piece of blood sausage, a baguette and some sweets for my little one.
I love pate so I was looking forward to tasting Daniel Boulud's versions. On next day for dinner, we opened up all the goodies we bought along with a nice bottle of Bordeaux, olives, grapes and cornichons. Upon tasting the pates, I blurrted out to my husband, did we buy dog foods?? They were bland(all 4 of them), dry and simply taseteless. Now, these pates were not cheap..I believe some were over $40 a lb and cheapest being around $30 for pate de campagne.
I ended up just eating bread and butter.
Are these the same pate they serve at Bar Boulud? if yes, that's good i suppose because I just saved myself a few hundred bucks. I had a really disappointing meal from his other restaurant a few years ago so I think i am done with his restaurants for now.
For pate, I will stick with Marche du sud which in my opinion serves the best tasting(and the best value) pate in NYC.
I feel like places like Epicerie Boulud is taking advantage of NYkers by serving mediocre French food simply because they can and also because NYC lacks good French joints in general.

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  1. I had the same reaction to the pate sampler at Bar Boulud last Saturday night - hardly "dog food" but just a bit insipid. The boudin blanc, however, was excellent.

    At Epicerie Boulud I like the hot sandwiches at the bar, particularly the banh mi, and the galette des rois which is usually available in January.

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      Check out Marche du Sud if you are a fan of pate. While a bit salty, their pates are as good as ones I had in France.

    2. One thing I adore at Epicerie Boulud is the tarte du jour. Usually made with nectarines or plums. It's pricey at $6.50 a wedge (they cut it differently - sometimes a wedge, sometimes a rectangle), but totally worth it. Some days are better than others, but most of the time it is absolutely fantastic. The pastry is thick, yet usually has a beautifully browned, crispy, and caramelized bottom crust. They braid the edges, which makes for a lovely contrast in textures. And the fruit! The fruit is simply divine. Big, juicy wedges of fruit, soft but not mushy, light but copious amounts of glaze, and pistachios. The last time I got it (a week and a half ago), the fruit was thinly sliced instead of in big wedges, and I think it suffered as a result, but it was still delicious. The juice from the fruit soaks into the top half of the bottom pastry to create this buttery, fruity mash atop the crispy, flakiness of the very bottom. It is a stellar pastry. I don't adore any of the other pastries (some are pretty good, some are okay IMHO), but this one is worth making the trip for.