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Nov 11, 2013 01:49 AM

Kyubey vs Michelin star sushi restaurants?

Heading to Japan close to the New Year and looking to go to a great sushi restaurant. I'd like to go somewhere with some Michelin stars but I've read a ton of great reviews about Kyubey, and it seems unlikely that we will get in anywhere with Michelin stars since none of us speak Japanese and cannot make a reservation. How does it compare to certain places like Saito, Mizutane, etc? How close is the quality of food? Is it easy to get seats? I read somewhere that it is 6 floors but I have no idea if thats true. Any help appreciated, thanks!

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  1. Does Kyubei have Michelin stars? Didn't it at some point? Let me clue you in on a little secret: the best sushi I've had in Japan has been in places with no stars. None. Not even an itty-bitty one.

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      Uncle Yabai: Where are your favorite sushi restaurants in Tokyo?

    2. I was treated to sushi at Kyubei a few years ago, and it was very good, the itamae-san was very friendly, and overall it was a great experience. I always disregard the Michelin stars when it comes to places like this.

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        I thought the Kyubei at the Keio Plaza was quite fine.

      2. The 1st floor is the main sushi counter so if you want the omakase experience shoot for that.

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          Hmm, I've never noticed any difference at Kyubei based on where I'm sitting.

          I think if you're a foreigner they generally try to seat you with a chef who speaks some English, which seems like a pretty sensible idea.

        2. As Uncle yabai has a favorite, I have my favorites, just not the same sushi-yasan. Even Daisan Harumi is a good sushi. Having a favorite has its importance, as the experience feels better and better, and the chef will know your taste!! Well, Michelin sushi-yasan are only a sample, it doesn't by far describe the only good sushi of Tokyo... Sushi Kyubei, yes, is a big, 5 floor sushi, often where the apprentice go to work to learn about sushi. No specific style, I have tried it 3-4 times, felt it different each time... but not bad either. Exactly when do you will be in Tokyo ?