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Nov 10, 2013 10:49 PM

happy hours in scottsdale

what are the best happy hours with good food?

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  1. What part of Scottsdale? What kind of food?

    Just a few examples: in North Scottsdale, I like Cantina Laredo for carne asada tacos. I also like the pork tacos, salsas, housemade chips and shrimp at SOL Cocina. Even at happy hour the cost adds up fast, but you can get good seafood at Eddie V's in the Quarter, too. Renegade Tavern by MOD has a panzanella salad that was pretty good.

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      I too am looking for a good happy hour. Anywhere in Scottsdale. Looking for good oysters on the half shell at happy hour prices. Would Eddie Vs be the place? How much and what kind of oysters? I don't see the happy hour on their website. When does it run and are the discounts on food AND beverages? So these places noted above have both food and drink specials? I see the HH at SOL cantina ends at 6?! What about the others? More details please? Anything in old town?

      1. re: chewbacca

        Look harder:

        There is a happy hour menu and hours are listed under The V Lounge.

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          If oysters are your thing and truly anywhere in Scottsdale is option, then you might consider Casey Moore's in Tempe, which is closer to Old Town Scottsdale (6-7 miles) than is far north Scottsdale (20+ miles). Their happy hour runs from 3 to 7, with $1 off wine, drafts, and well drinks and $2 off apps.

          You'll need to call to see what kinds of oysters they're offering on any given day.

        1. I enjoyed happy hour at Humble pie. A personal pizza and Caesar salad @$5 ea. beer and wine cheap! The beer is coldest in town which I will remember for the hot summer visit. We walked at at close to 6pm and you can order your beer and they will hold it for you until you are ready. The pizza was excellent!

            1. re: globocity

              Good call..
              Do they still have Sunday all night happy hour?