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Nov 10, 2013 10:01 PM

Fresh Pita in SD?

Anyone know where to get fresh pita bread in San Diego or North County? Most of the main places (like Baba Foods) get it from LA and it is at least a day old (or more)...

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  1. The SD Reader last month had a review of this place that makes fresh pita to order:

    Sagmani's Restaurant
    478 W. Douglas Avenue, El Cajon

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      Thank you! How did I not know this? Going.

    2. North Park Produce in El Cajon seems to have their own bakery, they bring pita hot out of the oven.

      1. Parker's suggestion: North Park Produce has great shawarma and fresh (30 seconds from the oven!) pita.

        In the NE quadrant of the intersection of Balboa and Clairemont Drive - I don't know about El Cajon.

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