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Nov 10, 2013 08:52 PM

Walk in ease or reservation a must ?

Heading to Your fair city December 24th.
Obviously I plan to reserve for the 24th, 25 & NYE but was wondering how necessary it is for party's of 2 at some places like Commanders Palace, Emerils, Couchon , Antoine's , Gallitores, Root , and comparable places. We tend to eat a bit on the early side around 6:30- 7 p.m
Visiting from Los Angeles where things are much more casual.
Thank you in advance

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  1. Reservations are FREE and they give you peace of mind and, in most cases, better service.

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    1. re: TaTee

      A number of those places will call you the day of the reservation to confirm. You can always cancel then.

      On the other hand, if others cancel due to that call it may leave an opening for you as a late reserver, as per lemons comment.

    2. I'd also point out that if you feel like it's too soon to commit, there's always calling before you leave and checking. What if they've had a power failure or the entire Dallas Cowboys have rented the resto that night? Nothing wrong with calling at 6 (or even lunchtime) to see if they have a table for two at 7.

      1. Plan on eating earlier than that (when doors open) if you don't have reservations. You'll likely get shut out of some restaurants even that early. Galatoire's (downstairs) never takes rsv.

        1. Thanks for all your replies.
          Now to nuts out a flow chart and plan :-)
          Thought I could be a bit footloose and fancy free but most definatly will start planning ahead.
          As they say even the best plans......
          I picture us as the charechters in the PAC Man game chopping around the city.
          Happy to be overwhelmed with all the choices now need to refine my picks along the sight seeing walks.