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Nov 10, 2013 06:51 PM

Palisades Park Korean Soup/stew and grilled meats

Hi, I had the best Korean meal on broad avenue at a restaurant that offered combination stew/ soup and grilled meat options. It wasn't much to look at but I loved the options. However, I can't recall the name! Help. Any ideas...?

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  1. Why don't you go back for another meal and pick up their business card or take out menu?

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    1. re: scarlet knight

      Hi, I'd love to but am currently undergoing medical treatment that leaves me very weak; too weak to walk up and down several blocks trying to find/remember the exact restaurant. If I get no further clues, it will have to wait until after chemo.

    2. Have a look at this may see and recognize the storefront or dining room where you dined.

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      1. Broad ave in Pal Park has the more Korean restaurants than any other street in NJ...maybe even the east cost. And a large portion of them serve stew/soup/grilled meats. It's near impossible to find unless you have more detail.

        The good news is almost every Korean restaurant on Broad ave is very good and even if you don't find the same one you went to last time another one will be just as good. Let me know if you would like any recommendations...and hope you feel better soon. :)