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Nov 10, 2013 06:51 PM

Sushi and Large Group

Looking to host 18-20 people for a birthday party. Birthday girl is requesting sushi. Thinking Nami or Masu? Any other thoughts out there? Looking for a fun place for a 40th birthday!

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  1. I don't know if Nami or Masu have a separate room, but Fuji-Ya Saint Paul does. (Fuji-Ya Mpls might, but their Web site is not very helpful.) Decent sushi there. Origami, IIRC, has a room upstairs which can be reserved (that may be old news, but easy enough to check out).

    Sounds like it's going to be a fun celebration!

    1. No separate room at Masu. Nami has an area they can seat you in. But I second steve_in_stpaul's recommendation of Fuji-Y, either location. I've been in a private room at the Minneapolis location, but I can't recall how large it was or if they had rooms of different sizes.

      1. Origami (downtown).

        Semi-private room upstairs with it's own bar. With enough notice and 20 people, you may have the whole room to yourself depending on the day of the week.

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        1. Don't do Nami. My last time there, my (very expensive) omakase included a healthy dose of escolar. That's symbolic of a larger problem.

          A couple of ideas.

          Origami is all things to all people, sushi-wise. Want uni? They've got it. Want a dragon roll? Of course.

          Masu is good if the birthday girl is interested in catering to people who don't like sushi. The sushi is fine, don't get me wrong, but you can build a strong meal without it, which may or may not lose part of the fun.

          Fuji-Ya is my personal favorite. They generally have the good stuff. They take the "chef's rolls" more seriously than do the other spots, without becoming a full-on fusion place. I get the sense they'd be willing to work for a party of 18-20.

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            I second that Fuji-ya would be willing to work with a crowd of 18-20. That would be a good opportunity to get one of their big sushi "boats".

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              Curious why Escolar was an issue (I know the possible side effects)? Was it just to much, indicating limited supply / cheaping out on the omakase?

              I like Fuji Ya St. Paul. I always eat at the bar (which you can't do with ~20 people). The things they have on special are usually pretty interesting and uncommon. Notable things I've had there: 30 day aged tuna, sea snail, monkfish liver (foie gras of the sea), and some really great special rolls. Fuji-Ya Minneapolis might still have a deal posted to a popular daily-deal site too.

              My one excursion to Origami was fantastic. I've had some great outings to Sushi Tango but it been a couple years.

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                I haven't been to Masu on Hennepin, but the store at the Mall of American is to be avoided at all cost. My wife and I stopped by while shopping and the sushi is bad enough to make you angry. How can they serve sushi with semi-raw rice? The miso soup was basically water with MSG in a cube. Etc, etc.

                Origami and Fuji-Ya continues to be my favorite. Both are great places for omikase.

              2. My only comment is that the previous folks are steering you in the right direction.