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Nov 10, 2013 06:20 PM

DIY Triple Sec using Tequila

Hey everyone, I've noticed a few posts about making your own triple sec/Gran Marnier using some brandy and infusing orange peels in it for a few weeks then filtering then adding a simple syrup to it. My question is, has anyone tried doing this with tequila instead of brandy? My primary use for this is going to be for margaritas so I thought it would be a nice consistency in the idea. Anyways, how do you guys think it would turn out?

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  1. Lousy. All you end up with is orange-infused tequila, so you're making a drink with tequila flavored with tequila. You'll end up with a margarita that tastes like it's missing something -- because it is.

    Stick with the Grand Marnier/Cointreau/Triple Sec -- the flavors need the differentiation.

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    1. Sounds like Agavero Orange, which I think is just fine in a margarita.