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Nov 10, 2013 06:00 PM

Kosher Sushi in supermarkets


Does anyone know if any major supermarkets or places like Fairway/Trader Joe's sell kosher sushi? Or, do I need to go to a kosher shop?


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  1. fairway used to, it was NOT good, and im a fan of most things fairway

    my favorite supermarket sushi comes from everfresh in great neck, by far

    1. if your local shoprite is in an area with a large kosher pop, they might have sushi. Trader joes does not sell kosher sushi. I have not seen kosher sushi in the uptown fairway or the bergen fairway.

      1. Acme in Narberth PA has sushi which is kosher and quite good. I forget if the shoprite on the Blv (phila) had any tonight- sorry.

        1. Acme in mill town,nj has kosher sushi. They will make it to order if the counter is open. They usually have some standards pre-packaged in a refrigerated case (like California roll or avocado with salmon or tuna). The pre-packaged sushi is replenished all day.

          1. Jewel does in Chicago at their Kosher locations.