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Kosher Sushi in supermarkets


Does anyone know if any major supermarkets or places like Fairway/Trader Joe's sell kosher sushi? Or, do I need to go to a kosher shop?


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  1. fairway used to, it was NOT good, and im a fan of most things fairway

    my favorite supermarket sushi comes from everfresh in great neck, by far

    1. if your local shoprite is in an area with a large kosher pop, they might have sushi. Trader joes does not sell kosher sushi. I have not seen kosher sushi in the uptown fairway or the bergen fairway.

      1. Acme in Narberth PA has sushi which is kosher and quite good. I forget if the shoprite on the Blv (phila) had any tonight- sorry.

        1. Acme in mill town,nj has kosher sushi. They will make it to order if the counter is open. They usually have some standards pre-packaged in a refrigerated case (like California roll or avocado with salmon or tuna). The pre-packaged sushi is replenished all day.

          1. Jewel does in Chicago at their Kosher locations.

            1. Where are you asking about? You're obviously getting a wide range of answers covering a wide range of areas, but presumably you want to know about a particular area of Manhattan.

              For what it's worth, Key Food at 187th St. and Broadway has (bad) kosher sushi for sale in the little kosher take-out area near the produce aisle.

              1. Kosher Kingdom in London has sushi, as does Daniel's Bagels.

                LOL Probably aren't asking about England.

                1. Many shoprites have kosher Sushi, I know that Shoprite in Paramus and Engelwood(near Teaneck) both have kosher sushi, and they are very good.

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                    Fairway Paramus used to have kosher sushi. I just asked them about it. They no longer sell it. All the kosher supermarkets in Queens (Arons, Seasons) have it. Seasons is better than the rest, for some reason. Wesley Kosher and Rockland Kosher, Evergreen in Monsey have it. I prefer that of Rockland Kosher. They are an outlet of a Sushi place in Brooklyn. Cedar Market in Teaneck has some really impressive rolls. Haven't tried them,though.

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                      Cedar Market's Sushi is very good.

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                      Shoprite in Brooklyn has sushi. It's awful.

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                        The sushi in the Shoprites in Paramus/Englewood are pretty good and a good value. They put between 1.5 and 2 rolls into 1 package and sell it for the same price as one roll elsewhere.

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                          It's a good value in the Brooklyn store, it's just not a good taste.

                          Have no idea what it tastes like at other shoprite locations

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                            some of shoprite's rolls are better than some resataurants

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                              We must not go to the same restaurants

                      2. Ralph's La Jolla CA has good sushi. Nats, where do you live?

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                          So calmother, will be in LA this winter, do any other Ralph's have kosher sushi? Are there any Ralph's in Beverly Wood or Burbank?

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                            I'm from LA as well. There is a Ralphs with a large kosher section on La Brea and Third st in LA that makes and sells kosher sushi.

                            And there's also a Ralphs in Beverlywood/ Pico Robertson on Pico and Beverwil but I don't know about kosher sushi there.

                            I can tell you that there are Ralphs markets everywhere in SoCal, including Burbank thihgh I don't have an exact location.

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                              how does the sushi in Ralph's compare to meshuga for sushi? are they close in proximity to each other?

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                                Not all SoCal Ralphs have kosher Sushi... I think some of the Gelson's have kosher sushi - I vaguely remember seeing a case of it in the Gelson's Silverlake/Los Feliz of all places...

                            2. no, no, no! the great bourdain once wrote that the most frightening words he's ever seen are "half-price sushi" - i'm going to riff on that and say that "supermarket sushi" gives me nightmares!

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                                  Isn't that what the "recommend" button is for?

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                                    Is it? I don't know, I thought the "recommend" was so I could follow but not comment

                              1. I believe Win Dixie in Boca Raton Florida has kosher sushi.

                                1. This is a good question. What are you really looking for? Sushi that is pre-packaged off-site? or made on the spot fresh sushi. Most of those listed in these replies are pre-packaged which is inherently not a very pure unpreserved sushi. Interestingly enough, those commenting here did not like fairway kosher sushi, and it did not sell well. I know the guy who did that hasgocho for the Kof-k, and he used to go every day to the place which makes sushi for the non-kosher counter and do a special run with special utensils... same quality and freshness as the regular stuff, but yet the kosher people did not think it was good enough while the non-kosher purchasers seem perfectly happy.

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                                    Um. Not sure I am with you on this, EvanM. I was there. I've had a lot of sushi before and this was really unimpressive so...Also, the non-kosher sushi in Fairway has a lot of non-kosher fish in it. Totally different than the kosher. I actually took a peek last week. How could someone compare apples to oranges?

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                                      I had the kosher sushi when they had it in queens, and hen they had it in pelham- neither carry it now

                                      both were really eh- didnt taste freshly made- the rice was crunchy in pelham

                                      ive had my share of restaurant- fancy and less fancy, and supermarket sushi, atm the only supermarket sushi ill buy is from everfresh

                                      evan talked about the guy who makes the sushi for the non-kosher counter- when im there, i see a guy standing behind the counter, making the sushi fresh, constantly, its not made in the morning and then dropped off for the day, which im geussing was the case for the kosher

                                      should we expect a special kosher sushi chef there all day- not really, BUT, for a store like fairway, in my opinion, if they cant do it well, they shouldnt botehr, and they should just focus on what they do do well

                                      1. re: shoelace

                                        I believe Seasons in Queens has a sushi chef all day. He made mine to order on more than one occasion. Yes. Fairway did not have one on hand for kosher, but did for non-kosher. I just don't get anyone making a comparison between the two. For goodness sake. They looked completely different and--for the most part--had different ingredients.

                                        1. re: cappucino

                                          for seasons, or arons or everfresh to have a full time kosher sushi person makes sense, fairway, not so much so

                                          but yeah, that in itself- the last of freshness bc none of it is being made constantly, is another reason its like comparing apples to bananas

                                  2. On a side note -- whats with Jews and sushi?

                                    It's one of the few cuisines where preparation, technique and ingredients are of imperative importance (all three of which are usually lacking in its kosher preparation) and despite this, its the cuisine most often served at Jewish events.

                                    Is it the gimicky/trendy appeal? Or do people actually really enjoy poor/mediocre sushi?

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                                    1. re: brokentelephone

                                      People think they're being trendy without realizing the sushi fad is over. They also don't know high quality sushi and are only comparing it to other similar quality sushi from other Jewish events.

                                      1. re: avitrek

                                        And the restaurants love to serve it because there's a tremendous profit

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                                          I just don't know why one would get excited about sushi if the only exposure to it is kosher-supermarket quality.

                                          Moscow is the same, though. Every restaurant, no matter what cuisine is served, has sushi if they want to appeal to wealthy patrons.

                                          I suppose Orthodox people aren't all that trendy generally.

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                                            "Moscow is the same, though. Every restaurant, no matter what cuisine is served, has sushi if they want to appeal to wealthy patrons."

                                            Bingo. There are lots of Russian Jews here and they created the demand for sushi in the pizza stores.