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Nov 10, 2013 05:15 PM

New online Magazine, PUNCH (about wine, spirits and cocktails)

Still a very young online magazine but the first few weeks have been enjoyable reading. Take a peek.

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    1. Odd that they'd take the same name as one of the most famous and pioneering traditional magazines in the English language. References to "Punch" as a magazine have shown up for a century and a half and the name is very familiar to people who do much reading. Its cartoons have captured various high and low points of modern history.

      When a famous name is re-used in a related way like this, it raises the question of whether the duplication was deliberate, or ignorant. I read the LA Times piece, but for some reason it didn't go into this issue, nor does the About-Us page in HillJ's original post here.

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      1. re: eatzalot

        Perhaps the partners @ PUNCH magazine have no idea.

        1. re: HillJ

          That would be the "ignorant" option I mentioned. But if no one connected to launching a new publication, aiming presumably for a wide audience, knew about that venerable predecessor, it raises the question of what else they don't know about.

          I'm amazed that this didn't come up in either the linked intro page or LA Times piece. Hard to imagine any experienced newspaper editor (or English teacher or copy editor or moderately well-read person) not having seen occasional references to "Punch," its satirical cartoons, etc.

          NOTE: My link above got garbled. I've experimented, and CH software is consistently removing the closing ")" from "(magazine)" so you will need to add it back in at the end of the link.

          1. re: eatzalot

            I don't have any first hand knowledge or connection to this online publication about cocktails but perhaps you can take your concerns and questions directly to the partners running the company. It's less than a year old. If like you other people are familiar with Punch the satirical cartoon and are wondering how two completely different publications can have an identical name, it might have already been asked.


            1. re: eatzalot

              Since the PUNCH publication you are referring to is a weekly British satire and appears to have ended in 2002 and the new US PUNCH publication about cocktails currently housed in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY just launched, do you think anyone would think these are truly related (your words) in any way. Or, that the public would confuse one for the other?

              I wouldn't find any difficulty in understanding they have no relation.

              1. re: HillJ

                My point was not so much about confusion of any kind, as about the re-use of a venerable "brand" in the wide sense. The original Punch produced countless reflections in literature and history, in endless little references like "seen in Punch" (regardless of how much of that surfaces online in 2013).

                An analogy would be if someone created a new specialized online magazine, whatever the particular specialty, re-using some famous earlier US magazine title that was widely read and quoted in many homes for many years (Look, Life, The American Mercury, etc.) --but didn't say anything about the recycled name in their introductory information -- and then a media interviewer didn't think to ask about it either. It isn't something to contact the new publication about, but it creates the unanswered questions I pointed out earlier.

        2. The original comment has been removed